Hi there, I'm Katherine - Curious, passionate, a little dippy perfectionist are some adjectives that could define my passion.

I decided to get into a culinary blog to meet, share ideas, and my good plans for not only making food but also for travelling.

All of my dished are cooked with 100% passion and love for food and cooking with famous recipes and also my own creative ones.

If you’re interested in speaking with me, feel free to reach out via email at katherine@minimalistmeal.com and I will respond as soon as possible

​Cooking & Baking

Influenced by my travels and childhood memories where I were inspired by Mediterranean culinary culture.

That is why my baking recipes are full of the tastes of the sea, and I would love to bring all 4-season into every dishes.

Though being inspired by Mediterranean, I would love to travel around the world by searching and discovering the tradition cuisine of every country.

Therefore, you can find here on my site different styles of culinary from tropical religion to the “ice-age” one. The variety of food is here, all on this site.


Before, I took the meals with my phones just like that for myselves but now I become totally hooked on what is food photography.

My dishes are posed and are surrounded by the audience having some shots and I take great pleasure in creating the difference for each dish.

I imagine, I create, I undo and I start again until this is what I had imagined.


The world is so big and there is so much to learn from others! And you love food, so why not learn right from the culinary, you can enjoy the meal and learn about the culture at the same time.

Therefore, I believe this site could be place where people can discover a new culture, meet new people but also "the" true good spots and the best places not to miss.