How To Convert 14.5 Oz To Cups? Quick & Easy Tips Here!


Are you trying to convert 14.5 oz to cups? Following a recipe can be difficult at times. Especially when the recipe measurements are in a system that is not familiar to you such as the imperial system with its cups and ounces.

Conversely, you may be familiar with imperial units but not with the metric system with its liters and grams.

14.5 oz to cups

It only gets more confusing when recipe instructions are vague with its units. For instance, ounces could mean weight or it could mean fluid ounces, which is volume. Here we’ll take a look at both.


How To Convert 14.5 Oz To Cups

Important Note:

  • First and foremost, confirm if the 14.5 ounces you’re converting is either fluid ounces (volume) or ounces in weight. Then proceed to the right answer accordingly.
14.5 oz to cups
  • Second, if you’re trying to measure a 14.5 oz (411g) tin can’s contents to cups, then read about weight conversion in the quick and long answers section.

Quick Answer:

  • Volume Conversion:

14.5 fluid ounces to a US Customary Cup is exactly 1.8125 cups or around 1 4/5 cups.

  • Weight Conversion:

Converting 14.5 ounces to cups is a little more difficult as it’s converting a weight to a volume measurement. More on this in the long answer section.

14.5 oz to cups

Long Answer:

Volume Conversion:

One fluid ounce is equal to 0.125 US Customary Cups. To convert 14.5 fluid ounces, you’d only need to multiply it by 0.125 so:

14.5 x 0.125 = 1.7867 US Customary cups or around 1 4/5 cups

Whereas, to convert a cup to fluid ounces simply multiply by 8. So 5 cups will be 40 fluid oz.Cup Variations

You may have noticed that we used “US Customary Cups” in our conversion of 14.5 oz to cups. The reason for this is there are several different standards for cups depending on the country and measurement system.

For American recipes, the most commonly used measuring system is in Customary Units.

14.5 oz to cups

However, if otherwise stated, take a look at the summary table below for the other cup specifications. Notably, the differences are small, but these are crucial in cooking that requires exact measurements, like baking for example.

Additionally, the summary table below lists the respective cup’s equivalent in milliliters.

1 Cup to Fluid Oz (rounded to hundredths)

In Milliliters

US Customary

8 oz

236 ml

US Legal

8.115 oz

240 ml

Metric / International (US, Australia, New Zealand)

8.45 oz

250 ml


7.68 oz

227 ml


9.57 oz

283 ml

Japan / Korea

6.76 oz

200 ml

US Legal Vs. US Customary Vs. Metric

As we’ve noted, US Customary cups are the most common for American recipes and measurements. The Customary Cup should be your go-to measurement system when following recipes in US cookbooks or websites.

14.5 oz to cups

On the other hand, The US primarily use US Legal Cups in nutritional labeling for products for their products.

Meanwhile, the Metric Cup is an international standard. Hence, most measuring cups and Non-US recipes will follow this measurement.

To be sure, always check your measuring cups to confirm its exact measurement.

The question of converting a 14.5 oz to cups most usually refers to 14.5 oz cans of food, like the ones pictured below. Read on to get their contents’ measurements in cups.


So how can you measure a 14.5 ounce or 411-gram can of food into cups? It’s a simple method, but you’d have to do more calculations and some inspection.

Let’s take these two 14.5 ounce cans for instance:

A can of diced tomatoes:

14.5 oz to cups

A can of tortilla soup:

14.5 oz to cups

Apparently, a cup of diced tomatoes won’t weigh the same as a cup of soup. So, how many cups of food are there in each of the two 14.5 oz cans? The serving size for each can will be the key. Here is where the inspection comes in.

Take a look at the Nutrition Facts on the can of diced tomatoes:

It says:

“Serving Size: ½ cup (121g)”, and “Servings Per Container: about 3.5”.

14.5 oz to cups


We now know that there are 3.5 servings in the can, each serving yielding ½ cups of diced tomatoes. To get the quantity of cups of diced tomatoes in the can, simply multiply these two values. Thus, we get the equation:

½ cup x 3.5 = 1.75 cups or 1 ¾ cups

As a result, a 14.5 oz can of diced tomatoes will yield 1 ¾ cups.

Let’s try the same method with the can of tortilla soup:

It says:

“Serving Size: 1 cup (245g)”, and “Servings Per Container: about 2”.

14.5 oz to cups

In the same way as the diced tomatoes, we’ll get this equation:

1 cup x 2 = 2 cups

Thus, a 14.5 oz can of tortilla soup yields 2 cups.And that’s our easy guide to convert 14.5 oz to cups!

And that’s our easy guide to convert 14.5 oz to cups! If you need more help with conversions, here’s a very helpful site.

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