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What Does Dry Wine Mean? Know the 4 Interesting Facts Now!

If you’re naturally curious about wines, you will come to a point where you ask: what does dry wine mean? Dryness is not something you’d associate with something as fluid as wine, but “dry” is a commonly used word among wine experts and enthusiasts.

How to Finish a Steak in the Oven – 5 Can Make All the Difference

How to Finish a Steak in the Oven at Home

Some of my readers have been requesting me to feature tips on how to finish a steak in the oven.

Pan searing a steak is easy. It gets the cooking process going and locks in the juices. But finishing the steak in the oven to the doneness that you want takes skill, precision, and great timing!

The techniques included in this aspect of cooking the perfect steak will result in the juiciest and delicious meat you will ever have. Here are the tips on how you can cook the best steak in the oven.

What Can I Use Instead of Cheesecloth? Here are 11 Alternatives

What Can I Use Instead of Cheesecloth

The cheesecloth is an indispensable tool in cooking and food preparation. What can I use instead of cheesecloth? Here are some options.

Cheesecloth is made from a fine mesh of cotton used for straining or infusing liquids in cooking. It is called cheesecloth because it is primarily used to strain the curds produced in making cheese. It is also very useful for straining broth, soup, or even jelly.

Others use it for making pouches of seasoning from herbs and spices. However, some people prefer not to use cheesecloth because it quickly comes apart.

When you look around in your kitchen, you will realize that there are other materials which you can use as cheesecloth. The important factor in straining is the mesh size and material.

If, for some reason, it is not available, what can I use instead of cheesecloth? Here is a list of cheesecloth alternatives in case you do not prefer to use cheesecloth or cannot find one.

What to Dip in Chocolate Fondue? 10 Is Inspired!

What to Dip in Chocolate Fondue

A chocolate fondue is a fountain of melted chocolate. The following is a list of items which answer the question: what to dip in chocolate fondue.

Whenever I hear the words chocolate fondue I immediately imagine a caquelon full of melted rich, bitter, sweet, and creamy chocolate that satisfies my sweet tooth.

It is one of those desserts that one has to leave room for because it is so filling and delightfully delicious. No dessert can compare to its flexible personality.

Once you set the chocolate fondue in the middle of the table, the possibilities of what to dip in it are endless. With chocolate playing the central role in the dessert, one can dip just about anything in it.

Here is a list of what to dip in chocolate fondue that you can dip into this delectable concoction.

How Much Baking Powder Per Cup of Flour?

How Much Baking Powder Per Cup of Flour

Compared to cooking, most people believe that baking is a lot more difficult. If you want to be a good baker, it is important to be keen on the details especially the measurements and the most important one is the ratio of the ingredients.

By changing the ratio, you can come up with a consistency of the bread that is far from what you were aiming for. The most question in baking especially for the beginners is “how much baking powder per cup of flour should be used?”

The most fundamental ingredients are flour, sugar, baking powder, soda or yeast. The flour is the building block of any cake, sweets, cookies or bread. Sugar adds the flavor and sweetness to the baked goods. Baking powder, soda, and yeast are leaveners.

Five Mouth Watering Tips on How to Cook Triggerfish

How to Cook Triggerfish

Tired of fried fish? Jazz up your repertoire of dishes with these tips on how to cook triggerfish.

There was a time when triggerfish remained exclusively in the aquarium. However, chefs and cooks found a way to use it in the kitchen and serve it on the dining table. It has a deliciously delicate flavor to it. The amazing part is that it leaves a sweetish aftertaste on the tongue.

Restaurants rarely serve it because it is just now that chefs have discovered it as food. One thing about triggerfish is that I’d wish to see it more on menus.This article on How to cook triggerfish offers a lot of different ways to enjoy this fish.

I. Oven baked en papillote style

Oven baking or roasting triggerfish is one of the easiest ways to make this fish. The good thing about cooking a delicate, white-fleshed fish in the oven is that it gets even heat all over.

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