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How To Make Lasagna Restaurant-Style: Level Up Your Cooking

How To Make Lasagna

Lasagna has been around for quite sometime, originating in Naples, Italy around the Middle Ages.

There are many possible origins of its name, with the Greek word lagana (flat sheet of dough) being one example. Hence, lasagnas are one of the oldest kinds of pasta dishes from Italy.

What’s best about this dish is that its recipe is designed for large servings. It’s a great party dish or a meal that can comfortably satisfy your large family.

It doesn’t make use of expensive ingredients as well, so you have all the reason to learn how to make lasagna at home!

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5 Of The Best Soy Milk Maker For Top Nutrition

best soy milk maker

Milking Soybeans

What has less sugar than milk, almost as much calcium and protein and completely lactose-free? Soy milk! Soy milk has been a popular drink in Asia for centuries and has continued to grow in the West because of its great taste and nutritional content. If you love soy milk or need a delicious alternative to dairy milk, you should get the best soy milk maker so you could make this healthy beverage in the comfort of your home.

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5 Of The Best Chocolate Fountain For Excellent Fondue

best chocolate fountain

Fountain Of Cocoa

Any event, big or small, is instantly refined when chocolate is a feature. Due to its charming and luxurious character, chocolate brings a certain level of elegance to any meal. Even more so, it seems, when displayed in the velvety flowing curtains of the titular fountain. So, if you’re currently planning a fondue, bring the wow factor by getting the best chocolate fountain.

Remember though that chocolate fountains are not all created equal. The food-grade material makes up the majority of commercial chocolate fountains, but quality starts to dip in fountains that are marketed at home consumers. Therefore, I’ve made a list of 5 of the best chocolate fountain for the perfect fondue.

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What Do You Need To Do With Black Spots On Potatoes?

black spots on potatoes


Many people often use potatoes as a favorite ingredient in cooking. Indeed, it appears from a simple meal to a luxury dish. However, you may confuse when finding black spots on potatoes and wonder if it is safe to eat.

And is it safe to eat after peeling out the dark area? Let's read further to know how to distinct many types of black spots and what to do in each situation.

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How to Make Pizza Sauce and Marinara Sauce: Simple and Easy Way

marinara vs pizza sauce

Sauces are considered to be popular ingredients all around the world. The recipes always change from one person, one country or one culture to another. If you’re such a sauces lover as me, you must ask yourself how to distinguish between marinara vs pizza sauce.

I have wondered about this question for a long time after recognizing how much alike these two sauces are! Therefore, I decided to ask my friend, who is a chef for clarification; I was so amazed when receiving the answer that they’re not definitely the same.

From that time, my interesting about marinara vs sauce was piqued. So, I did research more about them. If you want to know more detailed information about my research, read them below.

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