What’s the Best Automatic Soap Dispenser for You

best automatic soap dispenser

These days, whenever you enter a toilet, you will be treated to the most recent advancements in cleaning technology like the best automatic soap dispenser. Many customers ask if several of these products are needed, and if society became too lazy that we cannot even raise our arms to draw a lever. However, the real reason it was created is to lessen the spread of bacteria and should be viewed as a health protection, not luxuries.

The main idea behind buying the best automatic soap dispensers is the concept that the fewer things we touch, the lower one's odds are of contacting sickness caused by germs.

best automatic soap dispenser

Automated hand soap dispensers answer these problems through the use of sensors which are triggered by hand movements. This manner, you will not pick up any bacteria. Moreover, since countless individuals come across public restrooms every day, this is most likely the best way to prevent it.

Rounded up are the best automatic soap dispenser for you and their price range.


The 5 best automatic soap dispensers

What you need to know about your automatic soap dispenser


An automatic soap dispenser uses electromagnetic wavelength to identify the movement of the hands to signal the release of the soap. They are set to flow the soap until they can no longer detect movements.

Since people no longer have to press the button or touch the dispenser box, it helps in minimizing the risk of spreading and acquiring germs.


Automatic soap dispenser has all the essential features of the manual pump dispenser. The only difference is that the former makes uses of infrared sensors. Mind you; automatic soap dispensers use three sensors.

best automatic soap dispenser

Light infrared sensor

The dispenser makes use of a light beam to tell signs of movement. When the hand is placed in the line of the beam, the dispenser releases the soap until the user pulled his hands out of the dispenser.

Energy infrared sensor

This time, the soap dispenser “feels” if whether your hand is at the nozzle or not. When your hand is in the nozzle area, especially in the line of the sensor, it activates the pump.

Heat infrared sensor

The dispenser will get to feel the warmth of your hand through its proximity to the sensor. When it senses its presence there, it triggers and activates the pump to release the soap.

Where are automatic soap dispensers used?

Where’s the best location these dispensers are used? In public places or where there are many people. Many hands will bring many germs. Whether you are an individual who wants one at home or a businessperson trying to have one at your restaurant or hotel, we advise you to finish reading the whole article.

Home use

Why not? Either you are single or a parent, you still want to have the best automatic soap dispenser for your home. Probably you have a home business, or you do parties, you just want to have clean, touch-free dispenser because it is easy.


  • Easy and smooth way of cleaning your hands.
  • If you have parties, you can minimize the risk of your friends getting contaminated and get sick by one of your other friends.
  • Those who have home businesses or projects can have an easy way of cleaning their hands especially when their work deals with getting their fingers messy.


  • Do you have kids? Little kids, I mean? They can play with it all day long.
  • If the reason you are using it is that you have too many “dirty” projects or do many host parties, you need to stack up some liquid soap.

Hospital use

You have to be clean to roam around the walls of a hospital wing. You are in a location where germs are a probability since hospitals treat sick people, remember?


  • We cannot emphasize more on the importance of a germ-free environment especially in a hospital setting.
  • It prevents you from getting sick and other people as well.
  • ​Contamination free.
  • When nurses or doctors are in a hurry and their hands are unclean they can just place their hands to release the soap and wash away.
  • Mortality rate improves according to National Center for Health Statistics.
  • Mortality rate improves according to National Center for Health Statistics.


  • If you have a maintenance staff to clean the bathroom regularly, then rest assured they will take care of your dispenser. Depending on occasions, when the hospital is busy, the dispenser can have a glitch from too much use without a thought.

Restaurant and hotel use

Sleek and chic, your resto and hotel could beef up their standing with the public. As simple as an automatic soap dispenser, don’t you know it’s considered as a state-of-an-art technology?


  • Other than its general purpose of keeping your hands free from germs either you are a customer or someone who works in a kitchen, janitorial section, or in the concierge, other people will take a liking of how it looks in the place.
  • Automatic soap dispenser can tailor to the design of your restaurant or hotel’s bathroom.
  • The place will instantly become and be called trendy and will be ‘praised’ of how it adapts in this century.


  • Just keep your toilet and dispenser maintained, so that it will not break down.
  • Depending on how many people are there, you can waste ounces and ounces of liquid soap for clients and customers.

Other public use like parks, airports, and malls

best automatic soap dispenser

Too many people? Here’s what you need to know how the dispenser will do the magic for you.



  • Since you are in the outdoors where you cannot keep track of how many people are there, cleaning your hands with an automatic soap dispenser reassures you that the risk of containing bacteria will be lessened.
  • Automatic soap dispenser will heighten the status of the area, don’t you know?


  • Needs regular maintenance to keep it going.

How to buy an automatic soap dispenser

There are many things you have to look out for when you want to buy the best automatic soap dispenser. You will be surprised to know that it ranges from batteries to design.


Study the location you want your dispenser to be. If it is simply home use, is it all right for your dispenser to carry 6 ounces of liquid only? How about for your projects? Now, take consideration if you want it in a restaurant or public spaces.


You have to weigh in which batteries you are going to use and if whether you are okay with buying loads of it. It seems crazy to say that, right? It is pretty basic. Now, try to know how efficient you can use its energy is and whether the battery has a watertight compartment.

best automatic soap dispenser


Some automatic soap dispensers wanted you to use their brand of soaps. That could be a hassle if it is too expensive and is available only in limited shelves. A dispenser that allows you to release any brand of liquid soap is a life saver.

Volume control

Most dispensers have adjustment controls to help you monitor the number the amount of soap to be released. This is very helpful if you want to conserve soap for the next few days. Most especially, if you have kids, your little young ones will get to play with it. Thus, they waste the soap. A little control along the way helps a lot.

Our reviews

#1 The Original Hayden Autosoap - Premium Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser

best automatic soap dispenser

Sleek and modern Hayden Autosoap makes things a lot easier when they give offer you the perfect decision of choosing your soap to be used for the dispenser. While some want their soap brand to be used together with autosoaps, they will find Hayden to be ideal for them because it works with any lather or lotion for that matter.

With its brushed stainless metal, there’s a three-touch volume button that allows you to control the amount of soap to be released.


  • Easy to fill and activate.
  • Sleek, stainless design brings out the modernity of your bathroom.
  • It is compact and fits perfectly in small counters.
  • The volume of soap can easily be adjusted.
  • Sensor is sensitive.
  • Delivers with no mess.
  • Versatile – you can have lotion or shampoo in it.


  • Careful! Be mindful that the soap at times leaks to the battery compartment.
  • It is battery sensitive.
  • Doesn’t make a mess around the room but sometimes it is drippy. Leakage is a bit of an issue.

Best for: People who wanted an automatic soap dispenser at home that saves space.

#2 OPERNEE Automatic Touchless Stainless Steel Auto-soap Dispenser

best automatic soap dispenser

OPERNEE comes with a Japanese smart motion infrared sensor and can work heavily over time. It also has three point volume systems for you to change the adjustment. The soap dispenser promises no drips, trails or wastefulness of the soap. It prevents soap and water from leaking into the battery compartment.

Durable and works on longer time, this stainless steel dispenser boasts of working 15,000 times!


  • No more greasy touches with other pumps, just hold out your hand.
  • Doesn’t make a mess in the bathroom.
  • With its sensor detecting your hand quickly, you do not need to do crazy hand movements just to have it work out.
  • Can go on a week without refilling the soap.


  • Know what soap to use. If you placed liquid soap, it releases out too much, while having a thicker soap will let out some trails.
  • It has a sensitive sensor. So, be careful upon cleaning it.
  • Leaking to the battery compartment is also an issue.

Best for: The homeowner who does much cleaning for projects or simple house chores like washing the dishes.

#3 Simplehuman 8 oz. Sensor Pump

best automatic soap dispenser

This automatic dispenser has a no-drip valve and is engineered to release soap in less than a second. It can last up to one year and has easy-access control buttons for easier adjustment to its soap release. It is perfect for small sinks and countertops and works well with any soap.

The sensor pump of simplehuman is a huge upgrade than its predecessor pumps.


  • The overall built of the soap dispenser is sturdy. A good sign that mean it will last longer.
  • It has a well-designed battery compartment so that leaking can be prevented to pour on the batteries.
  • Easy buttons for soap amount adjustments.
  • Not too tall nor that small, it sits perfectly in any sink.
  • Easy, fast and well-built, it has the advantage of being used in hospitals or public places.
  • The bottom part of the dispenser has an excellent gripping, which means it will not scratch much of its flooring.You
  • can use a soap of your choice here.


  • It is a bit expensive.
  • Easily consumes batteries for a high-quality performance.
  • Since it has protected its battery compartment quite well; it will be hard to change the batteries.

Best for: A home, hospital or public use as it is fast and durable. It can hold up to as many people using it.

#4 BAFX Products® - 12Oz - Automatic Soap Dispenser

best automatic soap dispenser

The BAFX is convenient especially to the business owner who has loads to do and hands to clean. It can carry 12 ounces of soap for heavy cleaning. It is perfect for home or office use. Oh, and it is entertaining that it makes a sound every time you use it. Children will highly over enjoy this feature. You can be too!


  • It works great and has a sleek design.
  • Works well with kitchen use especially when there are so many things to clean.
  • Since kids are amused with the chime it brings, you can teach it to the children to always remember to wash their hands.
  • BAFX can be used with different soaps.


  • Its battery compartment is not water and leak proof.
  • Though it can be adjusted, the soap volume is still a bit too much.
  • Some people just don’t like the chime feature.
  • Little children will play with this dispenser.

Best for: For the person with so many things and stuff to clean, a BAFX is well suited for you. Additionally, it can be used well for restaurants and hotels.

#5 Umbra Otto Automatic Soap Dispenser

best automatic soap dispenser

Lustrous nickel, Umbra Ottocan, can hold up to six ounces of soap. It is small and compact and perfect for personal or office use. It is modern and casual and ideal for people who are chill and have to clean their hands at times.


  • The sensor reacts quickly when you put your hand out.
  • Sleek and handy.
  • No-touch feature works great.
  • It flashes out light that is quite helpful at night.


  • It gives out much soap despite adjusting it.
  • Soap mostly clogs in the nozzle would squirt in different directions.Can’t
  • Can't be used in an area where there are many people.
  • The soap needs to be refilled now and then.

Best for: Personal use at home or the office.


Why don’t you want to buy an automatic soap dispenser? The less contact with germs and microorganisms you have, the lower the chances of you becoming sick are.

Our choice

Our choice of the best automatic soap dispenser is the simplehuman 8 oz. Sensor Pump. For an eight ounce dispenser, it has a strong feature that lasts longer than most soap dispensers out there. What’s more, it has a well-kept battery compartment that protects it well from leaking or getting wet.

Since, its high quality made, expect it to be a bit pricey. However, it is reasonable since it can provide you a good experience with it. Just remember to change the batteries, however. Its fast and efficient features make it a good use at home, office, hotels and restaurants, hospitals and other public spaces.

That is why it is the best automatic soap dispenser.

Do you agree with us? So, have your simplehuman 8 oz. Sensor Pump today! Just comment below, and we will guide you on how to acquire one.

See how it works here.


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