The Best Bread Slicer Worth Your Money


Bread slicers are convenient tools that we often overlook. It’s important for your home kitchen and if you’re planning to open a business. First introduced in 1928, the first mechanical bread slicer was invented by Otto Rohwedder from Iowa, United States.

With this invention, we now benefit from sliced loaves of bread that are commonly sold in the market. If you love baking bread, it’s an essential in your kitchen.

best bread slicer

This tool allows you to have more control on the portions you’re making with your bread. It also gives you more versatility in your dishes. Hence, finding the best bread slicer is a must to add to your kitchen.


History Of The Bread Slicer

Surprisingly, the bread slicer was a contemporary invention. People didn’t get to experience its convenience in the 1800s. Given that bread has been around since biblical times, it’s quite surprising that it came in so late.

It makes you think if people ever thought about pre-sliced bread before Rohwedder’s idea in 1916.

best bread slicer

The bread slicer was invented due to Rohwedder’s vision of revolutionizing the baking industry. He sold a couple of his jewelry stores to fund this plan of his.

Furthermore, Rohwedder invested most of his time and money in creating the first bread slicer. However, due to a fire tragedy in his manufacturing site, the process was delayed.

Even then, Rohwedder was able to invent not only the slicer but also the commercial bread-wrapping machine in the same year.

By 1933, the United States was mass producing pre-sliced and pre-packaged bread more than the unsliced ones. If there’s one word to describe this tool, it’s revolutionary.

In fact, because it’s a huge step forward, you’ll see the first bread slicer displayed in the National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. After its invention, the phrase “The greatest thing since sliced bread” was coined.

It’s now commonly used whenever we witness another great invention.

Types Of Bread Slicers

Bread slicers come in different shapes and sizes. Originally, it was invented for commercial use only. Hence, the machine that Rohwedder created is a heavy-duty slicer that catered to mass production.

At the turn of the century, you can now have access to lighter ones. Some are plastic while others are wooden.

best bread slicer

There isn’t a specific name for each bread slicer. But you’ll notice that the main difference between the products is their operation.

Stronger and more efficient bread slicers make use of electricity. This is because it is automatic and fast.

All you have to do here is drop your bread into the machine or align it to the blade. These are made with different materials too.

Its body, base, and blades are stainless steel. Hence, the price for these is high.

Here’s a video that shows how an automatic bread slicer works.

Meanwhile, the cheaper ones are made of plastic. These are bread slicers that you need a knife in using.

Rather than being a slicer, it’s more appropriate to label it as a “slicing guide.” This is because it makes use of slits that have different widths to guide your knife in slicing.

Often, these slicers are foldable for easier storage. Some look like a book holder that has grills at the sides. These grills are called guide walls. This is your guide for the thickness when you slice the bread with a knife.

Here’s a wooden bread slicer that uses guide walls.

All of these products have their share of advantages and disadvantages. This is why it’s important to prioritize your preferences when looking for the best bread slicer for your kitchen.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Bread Slicer

Now that you know the different types of slicers, we will now check the various features that each one has.

Knowing the features will help you further understand how bread slicers operate differently. Thus, it can give you an idea what to look for when buying a bread slicer.

Slicing Performance

Foremost, the slicing performance is your top priority when buying a bread slicer. Most brands are reliable when it comes to their product’s functionality. However, there are varying levels of slicing ability when it comes to bread slicers.

For example, the automatic bread slicer doesn’t need any knife or handwork. Some automated ones can slice over 30 slices at one cycle. Compare this with cheaper ones, and you’ll find out that it has the upper hand.

best bread slicer

If you don’t have the budget or cutting speed isn’t a priority for you, then the manual ones work just as well. The main disadvantage is this takes usually double the time in slicing bread. But there are other hurdles too such as comfort and safety.

Because of these problems, it’s important for you to know that some bread slicers are still inefficient. Since many are made from plastic, a few products out there could have a wobbly and unstable base.

If your slicer is made out of cheap material, then you’ll have a difficult time slicing. It could lead to uneven and messy slices.

Most of all, since you’re still using a knife, it could cause an accident or an injury. Hence, it’s best to buy a slicer with a strong base with sturdy guide walls.


At first, you might think bread slicers are one-dimensional tools in the kitchen. While this may be true for some products, some bread slicers are more versatile than you think.

When we talk about versatility, you’ll need to look into two things. The first one is the slicing option that a product presents to you.

A good bread slicer should feature different slicing thicknesses. Some could have a range of 0.5 inches to 2.0 inches and so on. This gives you variation in the recipes you make. For example, if you’re making a simple sandwich then you’d stick to the standard width. On the other hand, if you’re planning on grilling bread then you may opt for thicker slices.

best bread slicer

The second feature you should check is if you can use other foods for your slicer. Although this isn’t a necessity since you might be only looking for a bread slicer. However, having a multi-purpose bread slicer can save you money and time.

Some bread slicers can adjust to the sizes of meat and dairy. For example, cheese and salami are popular sandwich ingredients. If your bread slicer can slice these, then it saves you the trouble of slicing it separately on a cutting board.

Our Top 5 Picks

#1 Bread Pal Bread Slicer

The Bread Pal Bread Slicer is a manual bread slicer that is made out of wood. Particularly, the wood is made out of high-quality maple, birch, and hardwood. On the other hand, the base of the slicer is made with polyurethane.

Polyurethane is a kind of plastic that enhances rigidity and flexibility. For its slicing performance, it comes with guide walls that have different measurements for your slice’ thickness. This gives you a lot of versatility in your sandwiches and your other dishes.

If you’re looking for convenience, this bread slicer does not disappoint too. It has a springboard design that allows the slicer to close and open easily.

Also, it also has a self-locking feature, so your slicer’s parts won’t wobble when you store or use it. Finally, it has a sliding plastic bar that holds your bread in place while slicing.


  • Great design, the material used was excellent regarding aesthetics and functionality
  • Guide walls are great for versatile slicing
  • Very convenient for storage and use because of its spring-loaded design
  • Doesn’t wobble when slicing; has a sturdy base


  • Needs a breadcrumb catcher for cleanliness
  • Plastic bar is flexible, not good for holding the bread in place

#2 Better Bread Slicer (Hairless)

The Better Bread Slicer works well as a tool but also presents itself as a piece of art. It’s handcrafted in South Dakota and makes use of the finest wood.

Specifically, the wood used is called Ponderosa Pine. This type of wood came from sustainable forestry which makes this slicer eco-friendly too.

Furthermore, Better Bread Slicer makes use of natural products for its color and finish. It uses all-natural coffee or tea in coloring the frame. This adds an aromatic scent to your slicer. It’s a big bonus considering the smell of wood if it gets older.

The performance of the bread slicer is also noteworthy. It comes with guide walls that reach a height of over 6”.

It also comes with a set of different measurements for slicing. This gives you more room to use your slicer for all kinds of bread. The base is sturdy which makes it stable for cutting too.


  • Beautiful design made from high-quality material
  • Has a good scent thanks to natural coloring agents that were used
  • Great for cutting large loaves of bread
  • Good for storage; very convenient


  • Doesn’t have a bar for gripping the bread in place, makes slicing difficult.
  • Guide walls might have wood shavings

#3 Bread Slicer Hickory Elite

The Hickory Elite is a different take than the common bread slicers you’ll see. Often you’ll find manual slicers that are either inclined or have guide walls.

However, the Hickory Elite uses a minimalistic approach. This is true for both their design and function.

This bread slicer only has two parts. The first is the base or the board. The base of this product is made out of fine hickory wood from Tampa, Florida. It’s also handcrafted and makes use of food-grade materials.

The second part is the stainless steel guide. However, unlike the other products, this guide comes in only one width.

The width of the guide isn’t relevant here. This is because it functions more as a stabilizer for the knife. The thickness of your loaf is entirely up to your estimation.


  • Very simple to use
  • Made from food-grade materials
  • Has a large and sturdy base, makes it ideal for slicing efficiently


  • Lacks versatility, no thickness measurements whatsoever
  • $55-65 price range is high for what it offers
  • Not ideal for storage, unfoldable

#4 Gourmia GFS-900 Professional Electric Power Food & Meat Slicer With 9" Blade

The next two products on this list will feature the automatic bread slicers. However, it’s more suitable to label these products as food slicers thanks to their superior versatility. The Gourmia GFS-900 comes with a large 9” stainless steel blade that is razor sharp for fast and efficient slicing.

Meanwhile, the frame of this machine is made from die-cast aluminum for long-lasting durability. The machine also runs at a reasonable 180-watts.

In terms of slicing efficiency, the Gourmia GFS-900 is excellent for the job. It features an adjustable and built-in knob that can cut as thin as ¾” for meats, bread, and cheese. This makes this slicer a perfect all-around tool for your kitchen.

If you’re looking for more than a bread slicer, then this product could save you lots of money and time.


  • Advanced slicing mechanics, fully automated
  • Price range from $60-$120 is a bargain
  • Multi-purpose slicer; can cut different kinds of food
  • Reasonable power usage
  • Durable due to its high-quality material


  • Grip board that holds the food in place is unstable
  • Motor may be not durable unlike its frame

#5 Chef's Choice 609 Premium Electric Food Slicer

The Chef’s Choice Premium is another automatic food slicer. It comes with a high-torque motor for fast and efficient slicing.

The casing of this product is made from cast-aluminum while the 7” blades are stainless steel. It also features an adjustable thickness knob that can slice ¾” portions.

The great feature of the Chef’s Choice Premium is its parts are easily disassembled. Thus, this gives it an edge concerning maintenance and cleaning.

The food carriage of this slicer is also quite large. Hence, it gives you a lot of space and safety when you’re cutting the food. Finally, since it’s a food slicer, versatility is a big plus as always.


  • Disassembly is easy for proper cleaning
  • Versatile slicer
  • Food carriage is large which makes it easier to set food properly for slicing


  • High-torque motor may heat up quickly
  • Gears inside have a tendency to malfunction if used a lot

The Verdict

Bread and food slicers come with different features. Nonetheless, the slicing performance is still the first feature to look after.

You’d want a slicer that can get the job done quickly without any problems in your kitchen. A faulty slicer can consume your precious time and effort. Most importantly, your safety is in danger if you use a cheap product as well.

The Gourmia GFS-900 is the best slicer out of all these in my opinion. Couple that with its versatility, then you’ll get yourself a nice bargain for a multi-purpose tool.

The razor sharp blade with a built in thickness knob outduels any manual bread slicer out there. However, you’ll have a bigger machine that needs more maintenance.

If convenience and simplicity are what you’re looking for, then the Bread Pal Slicer is another option I’d recommend. Its guide walls and base are sturdy. Hence, these make it efficient for manual slicing. So if you’re willing to overlook that flimsy plastic bar, you’ll enjoy this product too.


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