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Any event, big or small, is instantly refined when chocolate is a feature. Due to its charming and luxurious character, chocolate brings a certain level of elegance to any meal. Even more so, it seems, when displayed in the velvety flowing curtains of the titular fountain. So, if you’re currently planning a fondue, bring the wow factor by getting the best chocolate fountain.

Remember though that chocolate fountains are not all created equal. The food-grade material makes up the majority of commercial chocolate fountains, but quality starts to dip in fountains that are marketed at home consumers. Therefore, I’ve made a list of 5 of the best chocolate fountain for the perfect fondue.


Let’s take a quick look at our top choices.

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Wilton Chocolate Pro



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Sephra 17302



Chocolate Fountains: A Buyer’s Guide

Fountain Basics

As its name suggests, a chocolate fountain is a device used for serving chocolate fondue in a similar fashion to how water in a regular fountain. Instead of water, however, delicious melted chocolate is pulled from a heated bowl upwards to the top of a vertical column.

The vertical column often has two or three bowl-shaped tiers where the chocolate would flow as gravity pulls it back down. Finally, the flowing curtains of chocolate between the tiers coat your desired food items.


Into the Chocolate Curtain

Interestingly, chocolate fountains are a relatively recent innovation. In the early 90’s, the fountains were invented by Ben Brisman and were initially used only for commercial purposes by hotels and resorts. Despite growing in popularity since its inception, models specifically for home use were not made available until 2004.

However, since then, the demand for personal chocolate fountains grew steadily that, at some point, they have become quite the staple at affluent events and gatherings. And right so. Eye-catching and impressive, a properly used chocolate fountain makes for an unforgettable party.

A chocolate fountain will be memorable, though, only if it’s well-made. Here are the things to look for so you can spot the best chocolate fountain.

Things To Consider

Auger vs. Pump Design

An often overlooked feature is the mechanism that transports the chocolate from the reservoir bowl to the crown. This mechanism that pulls the melted chocolate vertically is either driven by a little auger (a small version of the image above) or a pump.

Pumps are often problematic as the melted chocolate can very easily cause clogging and are much harder to Clean. Hence, if you can, choose a chocolate fountain that uses the auger design for a seamless flow. No need to worry, though, as it seems like most high-quality fountains use the auger mechanism.

In any case, remember always to check this part of the machine before purchase.

Bowl Size

The reservoir on the base of the fountain that holds the chocolate is the Base Bowl. The bowl often determines the amount of chocolate the machine can hold and measured typically in weight. For instance, a particular chocolate fountain can hold 1-3 pounds of chocolate.

Hence, your desired size will depend on the number of guests you plan to host.


A typical sign of a low-quality fountain is the noise that it may emit during use. Think of the humming of a fan or the low gurgling of an air-conditioner; these are the kinds of fountains you should avoid.

On the other hand, the best chocolate fountain will usually emit little to no noise at all during use. Also, the quiet operation of your fountain is especially relevant in more formal events.

Quick assembly & disassembly

No detailed explanation needed here. A machine that quickly assembles and dissembles means a faster set-up and simpler cleaning for its detachable parts. Furthermore, removable parts will mean better storage options.

Easy cleaning

As mentioned above, detachable parts are much easier to clean, especially with chocolate’s sticky qualities. Additionally, a chocolate fountain gets big points for parts that are dishwasher safe.

Stable/Adjustable feet

Probably another overlooked is the stability of the fountain. A fountain that is askew will hinder an even and smooth flow of chocolate. Hence, a proper leveling system, whether by its adjustable feet or other mechanism is essential for a well-functioning chocolate fountain.

Stainless steel

As much as possible, get the fountain that is made up of mostly stainless steel. As opposed to those that are mostly plastic, stainless steel parts are better-looking, more durable, and much easier to clean and maintain.

Temperature Control

A convenient, albeit optional, feature is a variable temperature system. This feature is especially relevant when using different types of chocolates that melt and flow at varying temperatures.

Renting vs. Buying

Of course, you do have the option to rent a chocolate fountain. Deciding to either purchase your own or rent will depend on your planned use of the machine.

First, determine the number of guests to be served. Second, how often will you be using your fountain? For guests, more than 200 at a one-time function, renting a large commercial chocolate fountain might be best.

On the other hand, if you need the fountain frequently for personal use or smaller events, then investing in a quality chocolate fountain will be your best bet.

Tips On Using Your Chocolate Fountain

So, you now have a good idea about the important things to look for when choosing the best chocolate fountain. Once you do make your choice, consider these helpful tips, so your chocolate fountain will run (and flow) smoothly.


The construction of your chocolate fountain will differ between brands. However, the necessary steps are often the same.

  • Thoroughly wash all parts and let it air dry before assembly.
  • Attach the auger/pump tube to the base of the chocolate fountain.
  • ​If detachable, place tiers from largest at the bottom to smallest at the top.
  • Lock top tier (or small crown) in place.
  • Without turning on the heat, test the tier if it runs smoothly.

At the Event

On Melting

Temper your chocolate

Although you may melt the chocolate directly on the fountain, pre-melting or tempering the chocolate will help it flow smoothly and in a shorter time.

You’d temper your chocolate by heating it either in a pot or a microwave. Correctly tempered chocolate is completely liquid, velvety and has a beautiful shine.

The best time to temper your chocolate is around 2 hours before use.

Pour the melted chocolate into the base bowl.

On Presenting

Prepare the table where you plan to place your fondue. Additionally, a tablecloth is essential as chocolate fountains tend to get messy; preferably in a dark color to conceal drips and spills

Place the fountain on a stable and level platform and make sure there is a nearby electric socket.

You can now turn on the fountain

Food Pairing and Event Tips

  • The most exciting part! Your desired food items can now be dipped or coated with luxurious melted chocolate
  • Remember to keep an eye on both the food and the fountain itself. You may need to add more chocolate after some time.
  • ​Discourage guests from double-dipping
  • When food fall into the base bowl, turn the machine off and fish out all the pieces to avoid clogging the machine

Post Event

  • Do not disassemble the fountain yet.
  • First, remove chocolate from visible surfaces by using towels or a washcloth soaked in warm water.If, however, the chocolate has hardened, you may turn on the heating element once more for easy chocolate removal.
  • Cover the fountain until you are ready to clean or in a more convenient place to wash the fountain’s parts.
  • Again, depending on your particular model, you may detach the parts for hand washing or clean in a dishwasher.

Common Concerns

Can I Use Any Chocolate?

Chocolate Alternatives

Food Selection

Can I Use a Chocolate Fountain Outside?

The Best Chocolate Fountain Reviews

1. ClearMax CF-892


  • Auger-driven fountain
  • 3 Tiers
  • Holds up to 2.5 pounds of melted chocolate
  • Stainless steel base bowl, tower, and tiers


  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy cleaning
  • Separate motor and heat controls


  • Unremarkable looks
  • Old-fashioned knobs

2. Nostalgia CFF965


  • Auger-driven fountain
  • 2 Tiers
  • Holds up to 1.5 pounds of melted chocolate
  • Single knob for heating and motor control


  • Compact size ideal for smaller groups
  • Easy storage


  • Might be too small for some
  • Noise is present during operation
  • Plastic tower and tiers

3. Wilton Chocolate Pro


  • Auger-driven fountain
  • 3 Tiers
  • Holds up to 5 pounds of melted chocolate
  • Adjustable feet


  • Large chocolate reservoir
  • Stable design due to adjustable feet
  • Separate preheat and flow controls
  • Reliable and doesn’t need constant monitoring
  • Steady and smooth flow of chocolate
  • Most parts are dishwasher safe
  • Perfect for large functions


  • Not as forgiving on lower quality chocolate

4. Nostalgia CFF986


  • Auger-driven fountain
  • 3 Tiers
  • Holds up to 2 pounds of melted chocolate
  • Two separate knows for heating and motor control
  • Bullet Point 2


  • Separate heat and motor controls
  • Elegant brushed-metal design stainless steel base
  • Forgiving on low-quality chocolate
  • Easy assembly


  • Plastic tower and tiers

5. Sephra 17302


  • Auger-driven fountain
  • 2 Tiers
  • Holds up to 4 pounds of melted chocolate
  • Whisper
  • Quiet motor
  • Stainless steel basin
  • 10 plastic skewers included
  • Tiers: 2
  • Size: Up to 4 pounds of melted chocolate


  • Large chocolate reservoir
  • Silent operation
  • Stainless steel basin
  • Easy to clean


  • Plastic tower and tiers
  • Heating element’s efficiency varies between models

In Conclusion

We’re you able to spot your next chocolate fountain? Because the winner for us would be the Chocolate Pro from Wilton! Most noteworthy about the fountain from wilton is its reliability as we did not need to constantly monitor the machine during use. Furthermore, it’s large chocolate reservoir and stabilized feet make it ideal for small and large gatherings! Hence, it did not disappoint!

What do you think of the top five? You should start melting that delicious chocolate and get one of the best chocolate fountains! Your guests will most likely never forget your chocolate-coated event!

Did we leave out a great chocolate fountain? Or do you have any tips on chocolate? Let us know!


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