5 Options When Choosing the Best Griddle for Pancakes

Best Griddle for Pancakes

Pancakes are a favorite breakfast food all over the world. No matter how simple this food is, some people experience difficulties making them. Perhaps the secret is to find the best griddle for pancakes. Once you have the best griddle for pancakes in your kitchen, you can make the fluffiest and tastiest pancakes.


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How to choose a pancake griddle

the Best Griddle for Pancakes
  • Gas griddles are the perfect choice for making the best pancakes because the heat is well distributed all over the surface. However, electric griddles are easier to use. These are just two details that a person looking for the best griddle for pancakes need to think about.
  • If you plan on cooking pancakes almost every morning, you might as well go for the heavy duty type. It will last you many years of use and is very useful for cooking large amounts of pancakes for breakfast and brunch parties.
  • The ease of cleaning is something you need to consider in your choice process. The easiest to clean are those from which you can wipe the dried pancake batter off quickly. 
  • Size is another important feature that you have to consider. When considering the size of the griddle, taking the area where you are going to put it into consideration should play a significant role. For your convenience, it is best that you choose a griddle that you can just put into the area you want it in. Measuring the area is something you need to do before you go out and shop for it.

Benefits of a pancake griddle

the Best Griddle for Pancakes
  • Equal distribution of heat. The full, flat surface assures you that the heat from the source is distributed well because of the vast space on the surface of the griddle. A thick flat-top adds to this dimension of the griddle. It means that when you ladle an amount of pancake better, everything will cook evenly and have no burn marks.
  • There are no edges that get in the way when flipping. Sometimes, when using a sauté pan, edges get in the way of the flipping motion, making a mess out of your pancakes. With the absence of an elevated edge, you can smoothly use your spatula to go under the pancakes and flip them over.
  • Full surface. The large surface is a huge benefit especially if you are going to make pancakes for a large group of people. You can do five or six large pancakes in one go instead of 1 or 2. A good number of pancakes you can cook on a griddle saves you so much time.

What to look for in a pancake griddle

the Best Griddle for Pancakes
  • Thickness. A griddle that is thick enough will distribute heat evenly on the surface. The top of the griddle should be about a quarter of an inch thick.
  • Look for a griddle that has an easy-click switch. Since the burners of the griddle are underneath the surface, it is important that the igniter and the burners are easy to light with just a click of the switch. Unfortunately, some flat tops are difficult to light. It is particularly the case with gas-fueled griddles. The only thing you can do is to test the igniter and burner.

How to season and clean a pancake griddle

Before you take your first ladle of pancake batter onto your griddle, you have to season it. Seasoning the top of the griddle conditions it for cooking. You need to pour a teaspoon of cooking oil that can handle high heat (not olive oil) on the baking surface.

Using a flat spatula or a sheet of kitchen towel spread the oil thinly from the center to the ends. Add more oil if you need to. Turn the griddle on to 350 degrees for an electric variant or to high heat for a gas option. Wait until the oil and surface smokes. Shut down the heat right away and take out the excess oil once the top cools down. Repeat the process one more time and you are ready to go.

the Best Griddle for Pancakes

Cleaning your griddle after every use is important. It prevents the sticky batter from staying on it forever. It also prolongs the life of the griddle top. After the cooking, it is important to pour cold water on the surface of the griddle.

The cold water causes the sticky batter and oil to lift itself from the surface. The process makes it easy for you to scrub off the oil and dirt from the top. The best utensil to scrape the top is a flat spatula. Use it to guide the dirt and oil towards the oil receptacle of the griddle.

How to use a pancake griddle

the Best Griddle for Pancakes
  • Set it up.

There are two types of pancake griddles. An electric griddle and a gas variant. You need to find an area big enough to set up your griddle. For the electric type, you only need to plug it in the power outlet. For the gas type, you need to attach it to a gas tank.

  • Pre-heat.

Before you start making your pancakes, you need to pre-heat the griddle. For an electric type, you have to turn the knob to 350 degrees and leave it for ten minutes. For the gas variant, turn the heat on to medium heat and leave it for about two to three minutes.

  • Cook.

Once your griddle preheats to the right temperature, you can start cooking your pancakes. Dab a little oil or butter on it and pour ladles and ladles of pancake batter on it. Wait till the surface if filled with small bubbles. Using a flat spatula, you can flip the pancakes over. Cook the other side for about thirty seconds and take it off the griddle.

The Five best Griddles for Pancakes Review

Following are the five best griddles for pancakes that you should take a look. They are all rated 4-5 star on Amazon. We have summarized key features of these products for you. Hope you make a good choice.

1. Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle With Removable Handles

Best Griddle for Pancakes

Via Amazon

  • It has a non-stick surface which makes cooking pancakes and cleaning easy. It has a drip tray that disposes excess oil and batter easily.
  • It comes with a master switch that makes the heat control easy. It allows you to cook at a certain temperature for a desired amount of time. The master switch contains temperature measurements at which you can use to cook your pancakes. It is an important feature because this lets you cook your pancakes at the right amount of heat.
  • The base contains aluminum of top quality which does not deform even under intense heat. It is an important feature because this means that the griddle is sturdy enough to serve you for years.
  • You can submerge the grill in water after taking out the master switch. It makes cleaning easy.
  • You can detach the base from the griddle frame handles with just a few clicks.
  • Once the frames are separated, storing the grill is easily done in cabinets or drawers.
  • The griddle comes in portable measurements:11.5 inches depth x 26.2 inches length x 2.5 inches height.
  • It ’s very light, weighing only 6.5 lbs. Carrying it around is an easy thing to do.

2. Ecolution Artistry Non-Stick Griddle

Best Griddle for Pancakes

Via Amazon

  • Design Superiority. The griddle is made from top-quality aluminum that is so robust and sturdy and assures you that it can go a long way. With this feature, the Ecolution Artistry Non-Stick Griddle is the best griddle for making pancakes.
    The handle contains high-performance silicon that makes it safe for you to handle even in high heat. The grooves in the pan make sure that the heat is well distributed all over the surface. The best part of the design concept is the inclusion of a non-stick surface. The surface contains water, therefore itis not toxic, making your pancakes healthy and safe to eat.
  • It is eco-friendly. The main concept of the design is to make an eco-friendly griddle. It is a well thought of concept that centers on ecological concerns. The Ecolution griddle comes in packaging made from 70 percent recycled material.
  • The product contains non-toxic and safe materials. As a sign of being non-toxic and safe, the griddle is made from a non-stick material free from Perfluorooctanoic acid or PFOA. The absence of the chemical compound makes the griddle cancer-safe. It is an act of concern from the manufacturer to you, the consumer, and the Earth. It is not enough that you cook great pancakes, you need to prepare them safely as well.
  • Safe usage. Treat the griddle with special by using only spatulas that are safe for non-stick surfaces. Once you are done with cooking your pancakes, cooling the griddle on a tiled or stainless steel surface is the safest thing to do before cleaning it. Cleaning it in the dishwasher may be the most convenient and safest way to clean it.

3. All-Clad 3020 Hard Anodized Aluminum Scratch Resistant Nonstick Anti-Warp Base Double Burner Grande

Best Griddle for Pancakes

Via Amazon

  • It is a big griddle. It comes at a 20-inch length by 13-inch width. The griddle top contains non-stick material. The large surface allows you to cook about a dozen of small-sized pancakes at the same time. It straddles two burners on the stove top. It has a small surface depression that runs around the edges of the griddle. It collects the excess grease which makes your pancakes healthy.
  • It has stainless steel handles. The design incorporates sturdy materials for the handles. Because the handles contain high-quality stainless steel, they stay cool while cooking. The handles offer an elevation of about two inches from the ground. It makes grabbing the griddle easy.
  • The exterior design integrates top-quality aluminum as its main material. It makes the exterior scratch-proof and warp-free. The interior of the griddle includes extreme-performance aluminum. It ensures that the heat is distributed evenly throughout the surface. It produces pancakes that are evenly cooked.
  • With the non-stick surface, you can cook your pancakes with no butter or oil. Aside from this, cleaning is easy since you only need to wipe it with a clean cloth.

4. Monsters Pancake Griddle

Best Griddle for Pancakes

Via Amazon

  • The griddle contains scratch-proof aluminum with a non-stick layer on the surface. It makes cooking pancakes easy.
  • The handle construction includes Phenolic material which stays cool while cooking.
  • The griddle comes with an extended 10-year warranty.
  • Children love this pan because it makes seven one-dollar size pancakes. It is the one griddle for pancakes that children can use with adult supervision. The size of the pancakes is just enough for them to munch on in one bite.
  • It is easy to clean up and maintain. It can be washed with regular soap and water, or wiped down and stored safely until the next use.

5. Farberware Cookware Aluminum Nonstick 11-Inch Square Griddle

Best Griddle for Pancakes

Via Amazon

  • This is an 11-inch square griddle that can be used to cook pancakes, burgers, french toast, and bacon.
  • It has a low profile aluminum body with a non-stick surface. You can bring this along on camping trips since it is lightweight, easy to stow, and carry.
  • Easy to clean, either on the sink. Dishwasher safe.
  • Fat-free cooking. The food does not stick so there is no need to add extra butter, fat, or grease.
  • It’s easy to maintain.
  • Even temperature all throughout the surface of the griddle.
  • Not fancy but functional, it can be used for a long time if maintained properly.
  • The downside is that only medium heat can be used because high heat could cause the aluminum frame to warp or get deformed.


With everything taken into consideration, all of the five products we reviewed today have all the best features that you might search for. All of these can cook the best pancakes, cleaned quickly, and set up with little fuss.

But if there is one clear winner here, it has to be the Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle With Removable Handles, and here’s why. It is so easy to clean. The aluminum base distributes the heat evenly on the surface. It is thick which means that it is sturdy; it will last for a good number of years.

Best Griddle for Pancakes

But the one advantage it has over the other products is its size. With its wide surface, you can cook a significant number of pancakes at one time. It means you can easily feed your whole family in one set. Using this pan, one can easily cook six medium-sized pancakes.

So if you want to have an easy time preparing everybody’s favorite breakfast treat, go with the Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle With Removable Handles.

Do you have any experience with these products? Or do you have any suggestion of the best griddle for pancake? Do not hesitate to share with us. We love to hear from you now!


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