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best hamburger press

I still love making burgers by hand. Rolling and shaping the meat into patties while adding a little ground bacon in with the rest of the fresh beef. I do believe the best burgers are made at home because home is where you know the quality of the meat and the exact ingredients you put in. While making patties by hand are great for a small barbecue, only the best hamburger press can consistently give you perfectly formed burgers in a fraction of the time.

A good hamburger press becomes invaluable during barbecue season or when you need to make a lot of patties in advance. They’re perfect for those in the hamburger business. Also, utilizing a press takes the guesswork out of cooking as it produces consistently shaped burgers each and every time.

Therefore, we’ve compiled the five best hamburger press you can buy for restaurant-quality patties! Now all you have to worry about is your burger recipe and your cooking method – Grill, griddle or pan-fried?

Before we look into them in detail, let’s take a brief glimpse at the top five. Also, we should consider the factors you need to know before making your choice among the best hamburger press

A Quick Look at Your Next Hamburger Press


The Best Hamburger Press and What to Look For

What is a Burger Press, Anyway?

A burger press is a device that helps you shape raw ground meat into burger patties! They can be as simple as a metal ring to a more complicated press that allows for different patty sizes and stuffing!

Patties formed by a hamburger press come out consistent in shape and size, helping you evenly cook your burgers.

What Do I Need One?

Have you ever had these predicaments when making patties by hand:

  • Uneven patties that require confusingly different cooking times?
  • Patties that fall apart?
  • ​Messy kitchen and oily hands?
  • ​Cooked patties that are still raw in the center?
  • Much time consumed making multiple patties?

If you said yes to one or multiple or all of these, then you do need a hamburger press. Not just any hamburger press, though, but the best hamburger press.

A press addresses and resolves all of these predicaments, churning at uniformly pressed patties that will keep their shape, and cook evenly. Moreover, a hamburger press will keep your hands and kitchen clean and oil-free. What’s more, You’ll be able to do this in a fraction of the time.

That’s more time for you to grill and enjoy your burgers, as opposed to all that time being used to shape the patties by hand.

Choosing a Hamburger Press

Choosing the best hamburger press may be daunting as they come in all shapes, sizes, and price points. This section of the article will try to help you break down the four important components that make up a good press.

Although not a strict guide, these points will tell you what to look for as you choose the best hamburger press whether you’re a home cook or a professional burger maker.


The standard size for most hamburger presses make patties that are 4-inches in diameter. This size makes up the best hamburger presses that we’ve reviewed. The standard size often yields patties that are ½-inch to 1 ½-inch thick.

Depending on the density of your patties, the average press makes around 1/4 to 1/3lb burgers. However, larger presses for making bigger hamburgers are available on the market as well.

Material and Weight

Aluminum, steel, and plastic make up the majority of hamburger presses. These three materials have their strengths and drawbacks. It will be wise to consider these as well before you buy your hamburger press.


Aluminum & Steel

Aluminum and steel will be the more durable option and will likely last longer than plastic options, especially when used for commercial purposes. However, it is heavier than plastic options (although aluminum is lighter than steel).

Also, meat tends to stick to metal so an aluminum or steel press may require a good patty or wax paper to prevent your patties from sticking.

Many metal burger presses resolve this concern now, though, with a non-stick coating.


On the other hand, plastic burger presses are much easier to clean and store due to their light weight and smaller size. Meat also sticks less on plastic. Additionally, plastic burger presses come in more colors and designs for those who may want a unique press.

Although some of these presses are highly-durable plastic composites, they’re certainly less durable than aluminum & steel. So plastic presses in a commercial burger kitchen will not last as long as their metal counterparts.

The choice, therefore, of aluminum, steel, or plastic depend on your planned and preferred use. Plastic may be best for light to medium use while metal presses can endure heavier usage. Both, however, will last when properly maintained and stored.

Cleaning and Storage

As was touched on in the previous section, metal and plastic presses need different levels of maintenance.

Plastic presses are often much easier to clean, and some are dishwasher-safe. You could easily wipe of meat or residue. Also, plastic presses take up little space and are very portable.

On the other hand, aluminum and steel presses may require some scrubbing to properly clean, as well as thorough drying to avoid rust. Additionally, metal presses tend to take up more space due to their bulkier design.


Features and Versatility

The best hamburger press we’ve compiled have different features - some more than others - that will make forming patties quicker and easier. Some of these features even add to the versatility of the press, such as being able to stuff the burger; creating dimples on the patty for even cooking, and making sliders!

You’ll notice these features under the reviews for each of the hamburger presses.

To stuff or not to stuff

Are you a stuffed-burger supporter or do you think it’s a fad? Wherever your loyalties lie, though, stuffed burgers are here to stay. Chefs and private cooks swear by their stuffed burgers especially as a cleaner and easier alternative to topping the burger with chosen ingredients.

Do you love a good bacon mushroom cheeseburger but hate how the bacon and mushroom fall off as you eat? Consider stuffing! Instead of sitting precariously on top of the patty, a stuffed burger will have bacon and mushroom and cheese in every bite without the mess.


The prices of hamburger presses on the market vary greatly. However, good hamburger presses, even the best presses need not be expensive. As you’ll see, the top five presses we’ve compiled range from $10 - $25.

Conversely, you should take care when opting for cheaper hamburger presses as these tend to be of inferior quality and will not last very long.

With these important points in mind, let’s get to our all-important reviews section of the best Hamburger Press

The Presses above the Rest

1. Shape+Store 8-in-1 Burger Master

  • Burger Size: 3 ¼ inches across, ¼ inches thick
  • Additional features: Design allows for food portioning as well as storage in your fridge or freezer.


  • Quickly makes eight burger patties at the same time.
  • The press can also be used to store your burgers in the fridge or freezer
  • Easily stores and stacks
  • The design of the press keeps patties from sticking together
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • Patties will stick together when the press is overloaded, which easily happens.
  • Limited to one patty size
  • Patties can be small for some.

2. Weston Burger Express

  • Burger Size: 4 ½ inches across, ¼ to 1 ¼ inches thick
  • Additional features: A spring plunger that compacts the patty and helps with easy removal.


  • Durable construction
  • Adjustable patty thickness
  • Yields large patties
  • Easy cleaning


  • Despite non-stick coating, patty paper was still used to keep patties from sticking, plunger plate may be uneven at times, yielding lopsided patties
  • Must be thoroughly dried to avoid corrosion

3. Cuisinart 3-in-1 Burger Press

  • Burger Size: 4 inches across for regular patties & 2 ½ inches for sliders, 1 inch thick
  • Additional features: The Cuisinart makes stuffed burgers and sliders.


  • High-quality plastic
  • Easily cleaned non-stick surface
  • Gives great stuffed burgers
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Very light and portable


  • Patties may be too thin for some.
  • Locking pieces erode through use.

4. White Perfect Burger Press

  • Burger Size: 4 1/2 inches across, up to 3 inches thick
  • Additional features: Makes dimples on the center of the patty for even cooking.


  • Dimpled design helps patties cook thoroughly.
  • Design allows you to make patties up to 3 inches thick.
  • Cleans quickly
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Affordable


  • Patty sticks to surface
  • Plastic is relatively less durable than Cuisinart.

5. E-PRANCE Burger Press


  • Made of sturdy aluminum that is more durable than plastic but lighter than steel.
  • Comfortable grip detaches for easy storage.
  • Ribbed design gives a nice seared look after cooking
  • Affordable


  • Patties still sticks to surface at times

Tools You May Also Need


Patty Paper

You may have noticed that, despite their non-stick surfaces, patties will still, at times, stick. So whether you’ll be using a metal press or a plastic one, consider getting the wax paper or patty paper.

These will not only keep your patties from sticking to your press but will also help with storage. Patty paper keeps the patties from sticking to each other and their container when stored in the fridge or freezer.

Optional: Cuisinart Burger Press: Recipe Book

Do you love stuffed burgers? This recipe book from Cuisinart features 99 different recipes for stuffed patties for burger loves and those with adventurous tastes!


There you go! Now you can choose from five of the best hamburger press for perfect burgers each and every time!

Still undecided about your hamburger press? Let me help you out.

If you’re one who regularly makes burgers, maybe even for a living, consider the Shape+Store 8-in-1 Burger Master or the Weston Burger Express. The Shape + Store allows you to make multiple burgers very quickly while the Weston’s durability means it will have a long life in your kitchen.

On the other hand, if you’re a burger lover who enjoys variety in your hamburgers, consider the Cuisinart 3-in-1 Burger Press, and you’ll be able to make sliders and stuffed burgers of your choice!

If you are taking your press along on your adventures, then you might want to get the very light White Perfect Burger Press, and you’re sure to have evenly cooked and delicious burgers! Or you may opt to get the E-PRANCE Burger Press and be able to cook straight from the mold!

Whichever you choose, make sure to share those delectable burgers made from the best hamburger press.

Did we miss a really good burger press? Let us know!


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