The Best Rotisserie Oven: The Top 5 For Your Juicy Roasts


Who doesn’t love a good rotisserie chicken? With its crisp brown skin and juicy meat, it’s undoubtedly become the go-to takeaway for families and busy professionals. Now, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could make the same delicious chicken in the comfort of your home?

Best Rotisserie Oven

Yes, you can, with a rotisserie oven. Let me help you choose the best rotisserie ovens at your budget!

What’s more, you won’t be limited to just juicy chicken with the best rotisserie oven. You’ll also enjoy moist ham and tasty meat roasts!

Conversely, there are a lot of good rotisserie ovens from which to choose. Hence, I’ve singled out and reviewed the five best rotisserie ovens. Additionally, the ovens’ price range guarantees a suitable product for any budget.

Below is a quick look at the ovens I’ve reviewed and their corresponding budget range.


Buyer’s Guide For The Best Rotisserie Oven

Owing to modern technology, gone are the days when we’d manually rotate a spit of roasting meat for hours on end. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean all modern rotisserie ovens are good.

Without proper inspection, you could end up with an inferior product that will only bring you disappointment instead of moist pieces of roast chicken. Therefore, decide on an oven that best suits your family’s needs and cooking methods.

Consequently, carefully consider these essential factors as you choose the best rotisserie oven from our list.

Types Of Rotisserie Ovens

  • Horizontal Convection Rotisserie Oven

The traditional horizontal convection oven usually has many functions as skewered roasting is only one of them. Most of all, its abilities to heat up very quickly and cook food faster is impressive.

Twenty-five percent faster, in fact, as its fans circulate hot air inside the oven resulting in crispy and evenly cooked meat.


  • Due to convection ovens’ quick cooking, the temperature and time needed for certain food may be reduced, as opposed to a traditional oven. Hence, a level of trial & error in addition to consulting your oven’s manual is needed.
  • Carefully skewer meat on a spit. That’s to say meat should be centered and well-balanced on the spit. Improper skewering can result in uneven cooking, burned meat, and a stalled spit.
  • Vertical Rotisserie Oven

Vertical rotisseries take up a lot less counter space than horizontal ovens. Thus, they are suitable for smaller kitchens.

There is also less worry about properly balancing the meat in a vertical rotisserie. Also, many of these ovens do not feature a spit or skewer, but simply a base to hold the meat in place as it rotates.

An additional benefit to the vertical rotisserie is that during roasting, the grease drips down itself, effectively basting the meat. Thus, you end up with a much juicier roast, in contrast to meat roasted in a horizontal oven.


  • Always remember only to roast meat that properly fit the oven. It should at no point touch the walls of the oven during rotation. Consequently, meat that is too big for the oven will result in uneven cooking and burned sides.
  • Eliminate dry chicken breast. How? Position the bird, so as to have the breast pointing towards the base of the oven. Its juices will drip down to the breast resulting in a very moist roast all-throughout.


Rotisserie Oven capacity varies from holding a 2-pound bird to a 15-pound hunk of meat or whole turkey. Hence, remember to pick the oven that has enough room for the cooking demands of the people in your home.

  • Oven Size

First of all, sizes vary among rotisserie ovens. Therefore, consider the available space on your counter where you’ll eventually place the oven. In addition, rotisserie ovens often need enough room around it for smooth air circulation as this prevents overheating.

Take note, as well, of the area where you might plan to store the oven when not in use.Another important factor is the distance of the nearest electric socket.

As a nearby socket for the oven will prevent a dangerous, and tripping hazard, taut electric line.


A good oven should add function and beauty to your kitchen. Hence, it must be easy to clean and maintain. Furthermore, notice that the best rotisserie oven has non-stick interiors and parts for easy wiping and degreasing.

Moreover, oven parts that are detachable and dishwasher-safe will save you a lot of time as well as keep your oven in tip-top condition.


The functions of the oven refer to their versatility. Also, dedicated rotisserie ovens are used only for skewered meats and not for much else. In addition, you can also use multifunction ovens for grilling, baking, and toasting in addition to roasting meat.

  • Dedicated Vs. Multi-function

Your choice of the best rotisserie oven will depend on the kind of cooking you do.

Both types of rotisseries have their strengths and weakness. Because of this, dedicated rotisseries are specialized for use with roasting meat coupled with their respective features and accessories.

In contrast, multifunction ovens offer their versatility in cooking food. However, their versatility comes at the expense of increased wear and tear due to the frequency of use.If you already have an oven, then a dedicated rotisserie will be the better choice.

On the other hand, a multi-function oven will be perfect for homes that are short on space and have numerous cooking needs.

Specific Features

  • Sturdy Spits

Low-quality ovens will often have flimsy spits that are prone to malfunctions and even corrosion. Hence, you should always look for thick and sturdy spits that are durable and can securely hold the meat.

Remember, a strong spit will rotate smoothly during operation. On the other hand, an inferior spit makes a lot of noise and wobbles during use.

  • Temperature Control

An important feature in ovens is adjustable temperature settings for different cooking methods. They are probably, for this reason, most common in multifunction ovens. Meanwhile, many dedicated rotisseries only have a single temperature setting.

  • Timer

The necessity of a timer will depend on your cooking style. If you prefer slow-roasted meat, then you’ll need timers that exceed 2 to 3 hours. Otherwise, a standard 1-hour timer will be fine.


1. Cuisinart Vertical Rotisserie

Best Single-Function Oven

The Cuisinart CVR-1000 is a welcome addition to any kitchen that can afford it. Despite being housed in sleek and elegant brushed metal, this rotisserie oven is more than just a pretty face.

It also handles a variety of meat incredibly well, from chicken, skewered BBQ meat, chunks of meat, to fish steaks. This is made possible by the accessories that come with the oven.

In other words, perfectly cooked and juicy meat at the push of a button.


  • Modern and elegant design
  • Self-basting keeps the meat moist and juicy
  • The rotating mechanism can carry up to 8 pounds of meat
  • Easy to read LCD Panel for temperature control
  • Helpful preset temperature settings for common cooking methods
  • Comes with a recipe book for easy consultation of particular meats’ recommended temperature and cooking time
  • User-friendly placement of meat as there is no need to skewer and balance on a spit
  • Very easy to clean with its non-stick interior and detachable parts that are dishwasher safe
  • A 3-hour countdown timer for longer cooking times
  • Chrome insert accessory reflects heat thus ensuring even cooking


  • Although the oven can handle up to 8-pounds of meat, birds bigger than 4lbs may become difficult to cook due to oven size
  • The oven has a vented top that releases heat and smoke
  • Hence, a potential hazard to children or others who may place their hands or heads over the oven. Also, these design will limit the oven to counters that do not have cabinets or cupboards above it
  • The oven is quite expensive

Best For

  • Smaller families on a higher budget who already own a standard oven and have enough counter space.

2. Black & Decker Rotisserie Oven, Silver

Best Overall

The Black & Decker Convection & Rotisserie Oven directly competes with the Cuisinart in the looks department but wins in value and versatility.

With this oven, you’ll be able to broil, bake, grill, and toast! Another nifty feature is the keep-warm setting for food kept in the oven.

Additionally, its modern design is wonderfully juxtaposed with its completely manual buttons that exhibit a very premium quality to the oven.


  • Sleek and modern with its brushed silver design
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Versatile
  • You’ll also be able to make and reheat casseroles, pizza, muffins and others!
  • It’s cooks quickly at 15000w
  • Buttons are attractive and sturdy
  • The 4th is a dedicated toast button for precise control on toast crispness and browning
  • Completely analog controls will last longer than touch-screen or push-button controlsIt’s at an amazing value.


  • The old fashioned ticking timer may not be desirable for some
  • A short 60-minute countdown prevents longer, slow-cooking styles unless repeatedly reset
  • The lack of labels on the controls can be confusing
  • Controls only display symbols. So you’d need to either look at the manual or the icon legend on the side of the glass door

Best For

  • The Black & Decker is great for smaller kitchens that need a multi-purpose oven on a budget.

3. Ronco Rotisserie

The Ronco Rotisserie is, quite simply, made for roasting, and roasting perfectly. With its three-hour timer and single temperature setting, the Ronco is a set-and-forget oven.

In other words, just leave the two whole chickens in the oven and come back when the meat is ready and delicious.


  • Ronco is a well-known and established brand
  • The rotisserie is spacious and can roast:
  • Two whole chickens, side by side
  • Birds up to 15 pounds in weight
  • Around 6-9 burger patties
  • Fish and veggies
  • The oven is very energy efficient, using up to 30% less energy than standard convection ovens
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Non-stick parts and Interiors
  • Removable glass door and pan are dishwasher-safe
  • The handle on the glass door is heat resistant, allowing you to open the oven without mitts
  • The heat shield accessory ensures browning of the meat
  • AffordableQuickly heats up, albeit with relatively longer cooking time
  • Clear and easy to follow instructions on the manual for handling different types of meat and cooking tips
  • Set-and-forget 3-hour timer with an indicator bell


  • Its temperature cannot be adjusted
  • The rotisserie mechanism can be noisy at times
  • The non-stick coating may chip and peel, leaving the parts prone to rust
  • Meat should be properly skewered and balanced on the spit for optimum function and even cooking

Best For

  • Larger households or for light commercial use.

4. Elite Cuisine Convection Oven

Best Value and Most Versatile

If you’re starting out in a new home, The Elite Cuisine oven will be your best bet. Why? It’s decidedly the most versatile oven on our list with eight different functions.

Functions include a hot plate on top of the oven that serves as a grill, griddle, or steamer! That means being able to cook an entire meal all on one appliance.

The grill/griddle on top works in conjunction with the convection oven. Thus while roasting, you can fry or steam food on top.

Apparently, you could be (1) roasting chicken, (2) broil vegetables on the baking pan as it catches the chicken’s juices, and (3) stir-frying potatoes on the top griddle!


  • Incredibly Versatile
  • This rotisserie oven can also broil, bake, toast, keep food warm, grill, griddle, and steam!
  • Saves a lot of cooking time
  • Budget-friendly
  • The cooking temperature is adjustable from 150F to 450F (65C to 230C)
  • Easy to clean
  • Removable non-stick parts
  • Comes with a hot plate on top that maximizes the heat of the oven
  • The dome lid keeps food warm and can also serve as a steamer
  • Short 60-minute timer has a stay-on function


  • The oven can only handle up to 5 pounds of meat
  • It’s not very stylish
  • Its wide versatility means it will receive the most wear and tear, shortening its lifespan.

Best For

  • Small budget-conscious households who need a multi-purpose oven for everyday use

5. CuiZen Vertical Rotisserie

If you love the idea and features of a vertical oven but you’re budget won’t allow for a Cuisinart CVR-1000, then the CuiZen Vertical Rotisserie may be what you need!

The CuiZen Vertical Rotisserie offers similar features and cooking methods without the Cuisinart’s hefty price tag.


  • The oven has large viewing window, preventing overcooked food
  • Clear and bright LCD
  • Lighter than many vertical rotisseries
  • Easy cleaning with its stainless steel interior
  • Sturdy buttons that give you quick access to the cooking time, temperature control, rotisserie motor, and interior light
  • Also self-basting like the Cuisinart


  • Also self-basting like the Cuisinar
  • It’s not recommended for birds bigger than chickens
  • Cooks relatively slower
  • Unclear instruction manual

Best For

  • Those searching for an affordable vertical rotisserie

Juicy and tender chicken with crisp brown skin is no longer just for take away! Get one of the five best rotisserie oven, and there will always be a reason to celebrate with delicious rotisserie meat!

Do you think we missed a really good rotisserie oven?

Let us know it the comments below.Happy roasting!



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