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Zakynthos Food: What Makes It Is So Special

Zakynthos food

Zakynthos or Zante for short is an island situated in the Ionian Sea which is part of Greece. It’s been a hot tourist spot for a lot of years now, and apart from the rich blue sea and white sand beaches, Zante has a lot of delicious food to offer.

Since it’s been a part of the Greek culture since ancient time, it’s normal for Zante to have a strikingly similar cuisine to mainland Greece. From the ingredients to the method of cooking, Zante is richly connected to the Mediterranean and Greek food in general.

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What Do You Need To Do With Black Spots On Potatoes?

black spots on potatoes


Many people often use potatoes as a favorite ingredient in cooking. Indeed, it appears from a simple meal to a luxury dish. However, you may confuse when finding black spots on potatoes and wonder if it is safe to eat.

And is it safe to eat after peeling out the dark area? Let's read further to know how to distinct many types of black spots and what to do in each situation.

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How to Make Pizza Sauce and Marinara Sauce: Simple and Easy Way

marinara vs pizza sauce

Sauces are considered to be popular ingredients all around the world. The recipes always change from one person, one country or one culture to another. If you’re such a sauces lover as me, you must ask yourself how to distinguish between marinara vs pizza sauce.

I have wondered about this question for a long time after recognizing how much alike these two sauces are! Therefore, I decided to ask my friend, who is a chef for clarification; I was so amazed when receiving the answer that they’re not definitely the same.

From that time, my interesting about marinara vs sauce was piqued. So, I did research more about them. If you want to know more detailed information about my research, read them below.

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Now You Can Know How Long Do Boiled Peanuts Last

how long do boiled peanuts last

Boiled peanuts have been a common snack all over the world. They are popularly consumed in Northern Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. The raw materials of boiled peanuts are green peanuts, which are boiled in the salty water to create a typical legume flavor.

If you are a fan of boiled peanuts, then, you must be looking for the answer to the question “How long do boiled peanuts last? If so, in this post, we will together find the answer to your question.

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Can You Freeze Baked Beans? Read Everything You Need To Know

Can you freeze baked beans?

On Parties And Leftovers


House parties and reunions always take a toll on the host. The food has to be the top priority, and by the end of the party, there are always leftovers.

Have you hosted one recently? Or maybe you have been in the mood to cook that you found yourself preparing a feast? Whichever it is, I’m pretty sure you have had troubles dealing with too many leftovers once in your life.

The problem is, not all food can be stored and can still be good after a few days. I, for one, have asked, “Can you freeze baked beans?” This has always been one of my concerns, so I did some research. For your convenience, I have narrowed down all the answers I have found.

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Can You Freeze Liverwursts? Here Are The Top Tips You Need!

can you freeze liverwursts


What’s up homemakers and chefs? How has your refrigerator storage been recently? I bet a ton of meat and cold cuts are currently piled up in your freezer. I know this because I have always had the same dilemma.

It is right that we make sure there’s some source of protein in our freezers all the time. It’s nice to have reserved meat that you can quickly whip up for dinner. Sausages, bratwursts, and liverwursts, for instance, are some good staple.

But how do we manage these sausages to keep them fresh and juicy when cooked? Can you freeze liverwurst so you can save them for much later use? This article is a collection of some useful facts about liverwursts and how to take good care of them.

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