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How To Reheat Tamales And Everything You Need To Know

how to reheat tamales

Personally, I have always believed that Mexican food is some “hidden treasure.” It has found its way to the tummies of people all over the world. Tamale is a Mexican delicacy that is precious to me. I think it is the kind of food that should be made known to everyone.

The problem with it, though, is that some chains sell it in huge servings. So now we are to find out how we can save it for when you go craving for it again. This article will teach you how to reheat tamales.

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Substitute For Feta Cheese You Need To Find Out!

Substitute For Feta Cheese You Need To Find Out!


Nothing can go wrong when there’s cheese. This statement is true for almost all people, but not for those who suffer from lactose intolerance of course.

If you are familiar with and have tried all kinds of cheeses, you are one lucky individual. There is a wide variety of this dairy that you could find all over the world.

Have you ever tried feta cheese? If not, you are missing a lot. But if you do not have it locally, there is still no excuse. Wherever you are, there is a substitute for feta cheese.

Cheese always accentuates dull and bland dishes and gives that extra kick every time. The following feta substitutes that I will be sharing will surely satisfy your cheesy cravings.

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What Does Sushi Taste Like? Here’s What You Need To Know

What does sushi taste like

Taste is subjective. Delicious is relative. We cannot exactly define the taste of any kind of food. Sometimes, adjectives are not even enough to describe what some food feel like in the tongue.

And this is especially true for raw food like sushi. Have you ever tried sushi? Apparently, a lot of people nowadays have found it to be a comfort food. If this is your first time hearing about it, you might find it a little odd. Eating uncooked food and actually craving for it does not exactly sound sensible.

What does sushi taste like

So, what does sushi taste like? And why are a lot of people falling in line to get a hold of them? Let us count and find out some of the most common reasons.

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How To Not Get Fat While Pregnant


Pregnancy is one of the best and hardest experiences a woman is bound to experience. It is not at all easy for a woman to have all those changes in her body. And it could get worse as people around her puts nothing but pressure on her. There’s pressure for her to be able to raise a kid while taking care of herself at the same time.

How to Not Get Fat While Pregnant

A lot of women go asking questions like how to not get fat while pregnant. And they ask this not because they are vain, but because they are expected to be still beautiful.

So what is it that a woman needs to do to watch her diet while the bun is in the oven? Read on and find out.

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21 Of The Most Ingenious Kitchen Cleaning Hacks For Lazy People


A common saying about tidying up is this: “Cleaning house is a full-time job.” Sadly, and with much frustration, our actual jobs would already suffice in tiring us out to the point of neglect. Maybe, even indifference. Besides, not everyone can afford a maid, butler, or, well, house-bound spouse.

So you’re left there, after a long day or night’s work, staring at the dirty dishes, greasy floors, as well as your food-encrusted ovens and pans. You can’t deny that, in the home, your kitchen is one of the most difficult rooms to clean.

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Delicious And Easy Meatless Dishes To Serve On Christmas Dinner


I always like to make the holidays extra special for my family by whipping up delicious food to grace the dining table. While a lot of people rave about ham and turkey, meatless dishes are more than welcome and embraced in my home.

In fact, I have been serving some vegetarian recipes over Christmas, and I don’t hear any complaint at all. If anything, I think I rubbed my love for vegetables to my family and guests who come over to celebrate the holidays with us!

So I compiled some of the most distinctive yet easy to prepare meatless dishes I serve at Christmas dinner.