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The Best Bread Slicer Worth Your Money


Bread slicers are convenient tools that we often overlook. It’s important for your home kitchen and if you’re planning to open a business. First introduced in 1928, the first mechanical bread slicer was invented by Otto Rohwedder from Iowa, United States.

With this invention, we now benefit from sliced loaves of bread that are commonly sold in the market. If you love baking bread, it’s an essential in your kitchen.

best bread slicer

This tool allows you to have more control on the portions you’re making with your bread. It also gives you more versatility in your dishes. Hence, finding the best bread slicer is a must to add to your kitchen.

The Best Butcher Knives: 5 Brands That Make The Cut


So you recently bought a 6-pound rib roast, and it’s sitting on your kitchen counter. You’d love to grill some thick rib-eyes. How am I going to cut up those big steaks?

Yes, you can use your Chef’s Knife. However, that will be both challenging and risky. With this in mind, you need the best butcher knives you can get.

Best Butcher Knives

Do your knives and yourself a favor by getting the right blade for the job. In fact, when giant hunks of meat and bone have to be separated, only a proper butcher knife will do.

At the same time, don’t confuse a butcher knife with a meat cleaver or a carving knife. They may be classified as butcher’s knives, but are usually meant for smaller pieces of meat. Here’s a helpful chart: