How To Have A Quick Breakfast With All The Necessary Nutrients

easy breakfast ideas

According to nutrition experts, the best breakfast is a breakfast containing the protein and the full nutrients. You should avoid eating much sugar and cholesterol foods to prevent the dental problems and diabetes. These tips following will help you to get the easy breakfast ideas with full of the necessary nutrients for your own, even for your kids.


Providing Enough All Nutritive Groups

  • Protein and iron: they are found in foods such as meat, fish, eggs, nuts, etc... The role of protein in shaping muscles is especially important. Besides, iron is an important component of hemoglobin. Iron deficiency leads to anemia, which can adversely affect our memory.
  • Starch: it is found in rice, potato, sweet potato, noodle…This carb foods has starch creating glucose which is transformed to the energy for our activities.
  • Fruit and green vegetables: Vegetables have the especially important role in providing the vitamin and fiber for our body. Similar to vegetables, fruit also provides high vitamin content, so we should use them in each meal.
  • Milk: this is an abundant nutrients source because of containing many kinds of vitamins and mineral as protein, fat, iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium…So, you should use milk or dairy products in the daily meal with all main dishes.

Some Suggestion Menus For Your Easy Breakfast Ideas And Full Nutrients


Toast can combine with many kinds of foods as eggs, ham, tuna, vegetables, cheese…to make a wonderful breakfast without being depressed. Baked toast is another way to change the taste of toast for your breakfast. Owning a good slice toaster is the best choice for you.

You should not choose these baked toasts with high-fat content like the donuts or muffins. Self-serving a sandwich is the best choice. Or you can choose a cereal toast made by wheat or buckwheat which contains fiber that is good for our cardiovascular. At the same time, you should eat daily all kinds of butter, jam, and mayonnaise sauce. Moreover, tuna, less fat cheese, a little lettuce will supply enough protein, calcium, and vegetable.

Non-sugar cereal is the best choice for breakfast

The breakfast with cereal is very comfortable and quick. Especially, you have many choices with many tastes as corn cereal, wheat or oat. All of them contain non-sugar. You can use less sugar milk instead of sugar milk to combine to cereal for your breakfast.

  • Katherine Brooking- a nutrition expert likes to begin her morning with an oat cup, walnuts, honey and a little brown sugar. She said that the mixture helps her feel full until the afternoon and less natrium, saturated fat, but healthy energy for the breakfast.
  • To the nutrition expert – Alissa Rumsey, to get a delicious breakfast, she begins with oat mixed with milk and nuts, chia seed, fresh fruit, a little vanilla, and cinnamon. This is a safe recipe because the fiber in oat is easy to absorb. The fat from butter and nuts can help you feel full all day.

    She also said that the chia seed adds helpful Omega 3 fat to the human body. She uses the sweet of the fresh fruit as strawberry, apple, a little vanilla instead of sugar. Besides, mixing the fresh fruit with oat can increase the taste of the breakfast.

A meal with cereal, a Cafe Latte, and protein in a package will be comfortable to eat on the way to the office, especially on a busy morning.


Eggs provide much nutrition for the body. Using eggs for the easy breakfast idea is the best way to strengthen the energy for a new day if you know how to use it in the right recipe.

As the advice of the nutrition experts, two or three eggs a day (usually an egg with two egg whites) with a little butter upon a sliced fruit and a cup of tea can easily add 20-25 gram protein for your breakfast.

There are many kinds of recipes you can change to avoid being depressed such as boiled egg, fried egg, scrambled egg, runny egg, dry egg, or sunny side up… You can reduce the fat and cholesterol by just eating the egg white.

Eggs combine with toast is a familiar delicious meal. A slice cheese can add the taste of the meal. Besides, you should attach fresh vegetable to the egg as tomato, onion, sweet chili, or bacon, hamburger if you want to supply meat for your breakfast.

Vegetable and fresh fruit

The menu of mixed green vegetable, fresh fruit, banana, a little water is the best healthy breakfast ever. People usually choose the fast food or candy for the breakfast because they have less time to prepare the hearty meal. The fewer calories fast food is not good for you, let store the fresh fruit and less fat yogurt in the fridge. They always ready for a quick breakfast but still full nutrition.

A glass of fruit juice also needs for the breakfast. It will help you increase your energy to begin a busy day. Many delicious tastes you can choose as strawberry juice, orange juice, watermelon juice, cucumber juice, carrot juice, wheatgrass juice, apple juice…

Some Things Need To Reject

Do not eat after 8 am

Having breakfast too early after waking up effect to the relax time of the stomach and the digestion, from then the digesting food is decreased. Conversely, having breakfast too late will lose the good feeling in the lunch and having trouble in the biorhythm which is set up in the human body.

The perfect time to have breakfast is from 7 am to 8 am and after waking up about 20-30 minutes. The distance time between the breakfast and the lunch is about 4-5 hours.

Do not replace the breakfast by milk

Many people think milk contains full of the nutrients and they just drink milk only. But, the experts' advice everyone should drink milk after having breakfast when they do not feel hungry. Because drinking milk in hungry condition will make people tired and fall asleep. At the same time, the stomach pulsates strongly when you are hungry, so almost the milk will be pushed to the intestine though they are not digested.

Do not eat fast food and dried food for the breakfast

Someone store cookies, snack, hamburger or buying fast food for the quick breakfast. It is a comfortable breakfast but actually a burden to the stomach. These quick breakfasts will be superfluous energy but lack nutrition. So, you should choose the menu with much vegetable and fruit for the breakfast instead of choosing the fast food and dried food.

Decreasing coffee for breakfast

Despite drinking coffee, you should drink a glass of orange juice, cucumber juice or a cup of less-fat milk for the breakfast. You also mix the juice with the yogurt up to your habit.

To get an easy breakfast idea and supply full of nutrients, you should remain having breakfast at home as a habit. It not only is hygienic but also guarantees the high nutrients for your health. So, you have to store the food in the fridge and prepare a bouillon pot from last night to cook easier and much comfortable in the morning. Especially, do not miss the healthy breakfast that is the most important meal of a day.


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