How Much Do Personal Chefs Make: The Secrets


Chefs know that “Eating Out” is not just about food. It’s also the experience. Getting ready, going to the restaurant, being waited on, and finally the chef-quality food. Nowadays, many, have chosen to bring this experience closer to home, or rather, in the home itself.

Also, the personal chef would prepare and cook for a client in the client’s home. How much do personal chefs make, you might wonder? More on that in a bit.

how much do personal chefs make

Personal chefs don’t only bring restaurant-quality food, but also save clients an incredible amount of time. The time they would have spent getting groceries, preparing the ingredients, cooking, and cleaning. Hence, the demand for personal chefs is always high.

If you’re seriously considering becoming a personal chef. Here are the important points you have to consider.

Firstly, the rate.


How Much Do Personal Chefs Make?

Short Answer

According to, Personal Chefs in the United States make an average of $20.68 per hour, ranging approximately from $13 to $46.

In Canada, they make an average of C$22.75 (Canadian dollars) per hour, ranging approximately from C$15 to C$35.

how much do personal chefs make

Also, in the UK, personal chefs would make an average of £15.62 per hour, ranging approximately from £7 to £18.

Okay. A shorter answer would have been: “It varies.”

Long Answer

Generally speaking, there is no international price rate for personal chefs. Rather, the rate will often depend on the country of residence, particular region or city, general cost of living in the locality, as well as the extent of your services.

The easiest way to find out how much do personal chefs make is to make inquiries around your area, especially if anyone is already in this line of service. As a result, those who have experience in this work will give you a good idea of the rate you should charge – and a lot of helpful tips too!

how much do personal chefs make

Another way to get a sense of the potential rate is by considering the price range of the local restaurants. Furthermore, people would usually opt for a personal chef to save time and money, without sacrificing quality. Hence, your potential rate should be ultimately at a lower price, all things considered.

The next section will discuss the various factors that would go into determining a personal chef’s rate.

Factors Influencing A Chef’s Rates

As a personal chef, the rate at which you will charge your clients will be detrimental. Initially charging too high might discourage customers. Charging to low, on the hand, by give off a negative reaction about your ability and competence.

For this reason, here are the factors to consider as you decide your rate.

  • Number
how much do personal chefs make
  • Food
  • Frequency
  • Will you be asked to deliver more than once a day for a single client?
  • Will clients be ordering more than once a week?
how much do personal chefs make
  • Time
  • How long will it take to prepare for a specific number of people?
  • How much time will it take to buy groceries, prepare the food, and clean afterward?
  • Competition
  • How much are other personal chefs in your area charging?
  • How much are local restaurants in your area charging?
  • Clients’ capacity
  • How much can potential customers afford?

The Different Ways To Charge Clients

Once you have an idea on the rate that you will be charging clients for your delicious food, consider thinking also on the different ways that you’ll be charging. Below are several ways that may be applied.

  • Hourly

An hourly rate usually includes grocery shopping, menu preparation, and other services, in addition to the cooking itself.

how much do personal chefs make
  • Per Dish/Per Person

Some personal chefs would choose to charge by the dish, or by the number of people for whom to prepare and cook.

  • Salary

A personal chef would be given a salary if employed full-time by a single employer. Therefore, you must consider your hourly or daily rate in this understanding. Additionally, Salaried chefs may take into account a monthly budget for groceries and other kitchen needs.

Things To Consider

  • An experienced chef with a lot of restaurant time under his belt will obviously charge more than a chef fresh out of cooking school or an amateur cook who may not have professional experience in a commercial kitchen.
how much do personal chefs make
  • Clients may have special dietary for chosen lifestyles or health considerations.
  • Clients may desire food for more than one day, or up to a week.
  • Consider a lower rate when you’ve just begun at offering yourself as a personal chef

Private Chef Vs. Caterer Vs. Personal Chef

A caterer is a chef or food service who cooks and delivers food, usually served at clients’ homes or chosen venues for one time events. In contrast, private and personal chefs are in contract with the customer for a prolonged time.

Generally speaking, the titles Private Chef and Personal Chef are often confused and used interchangeably, but there are major differences between the two.

how much do personal chefs make

Private chefs will be working for a single client at a time, usually serving as a live-in employee. They would cook for a client’s family every day. On the other hand, personal chef’s work for several clients at a time.

They commonly make food for 2-3 days up to a week while the rest of the food will be refrigerated or frozen. It is not uncommon, however, for personal chefs to deliver to clients their requested food.

Should You Be A Personal Chef?

Here are the benefits to working as a personal chef:

  • Choosing your clients
  • You’re your own boss
  • Some control over your schedule
  • Potentially higher pay compared to a restaurant chef
  • Not working in a stressful kitchen environment

Some people just love to cook. There’s certainly something incredibly fulfilling, even transcendent in making something delicious from a bag of ingredients.

In conclusion, if making food is what you enjoy and cooking in a restaurant has lost its charm, then being a personal chef may be for you!



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