How To Melt Nutella: Simple Tricks For An Easier Nutella Dessert

how to melt nutella

Hailing from Italy, Nutella quickly became one of the best dessert spreads in the world. Its distinct flavor that focuses mainly on hazelnut and cocoa became a sensation for businesses and households. Be it as a simple sandwich spread or a luxurious dipping sauce, Nutella has left its mark everywhere in the world.

However, every product has its weaknesses. As for Nutella, its silky texture can often harden over time, especially if you place it inside a fridge. Thus, it can be a nuisance. Today, we’ll provide solutions by teaching you how to melt Nutella at home!


Options To Try

#1 Using a microwave

Microwaves are one of the most economical ways to melt anything. Many chefs from all over the world use microwaves to soften cold butter which they will use for pastes. Melting hard cheese inside a microwave is also another common practice.

With that said, Nutella can benefit from it similarly. It might sound easy, but there are disadvantages which we will further explain later. Still, using a microwave is probably the fastest and easiest thing to use.

#2 Heating a bread knife

Using a hot bread knife is ideal f you’re looking just to spread it on toast. This will only act as a hot rod and scooper at the same time. It will melt away the spread right and allow it to stick to the knife so you’re ready to spread it anytime.

#3 “Cooking” the Nutella

If you’re looking to take Nutella to the next level, then there are tons of recipes out there that enhances its flavor. For example, you can cook Nutella with other ingredients like milk, cream, syrup, or honey to create an even better version of the great spread.

By cooking Nutella, you’ll get to melt it quickly in a saucepan without affecting its flavor. This is because you’ll usually add a liquid agent to prevent it from burning in the pan. It’s a great technique for businesses that like to make their Nutella spreads extra special.

What You’ll Need

A jar of Nutella (hardened or old)
For Option 1

For Option 2

For Option 3
  • Microwave
  • Microwave container
  • Breadknife
  • Boiling water
  • Sugar
  • ​Heavy cream
  • Butter
  • Boiling water

Steps To Follow

Method 1: Using a Microwave

  • Step 1: Spoon out the Nutella and transfer it to a microwavable container

This method is the easiest to do out of all our options. The key idea here is that you should know the quantity of Nutella that you’re going to use. If you’re unsure how much you might consume, then always go for larger quantities so that you won’t do it over and over!

Make sure that the container is microwavable; you’ll often see if it’s microwave-friendly somewhere in the container.

  • Step 2: Heat the Nutella in quick spurts

The common mistake that people do in melting spreads like Nutella is that they tend to burn it. Why does this happen? Simply put, others would try to heat the Nutella for extended periods of time. For a sandwich spreads’ standards, any more than a minute in the microwave is too much.

Hence, try to heat it repeatedly for around 20-30 seconds in the microwave.Every time the timer sounds off, open the microwave and check the Nutella. For better heating, mix it up now and then with a fork. This will help even the distribution of the heat.

After a couple of 20-second heat blasts, your Nutella should be ready to go. Using the microwave is a practical method. However, it can get a little tricky as you might lose flavor from it, especially if the heat is too intense. So always try to check the spread now and then.

Method 2: Using a bread knife

  • Step 1: Boil water

Using a bread knife is a good way to save time. It’s ideal if you’re not feeling fancy and you just want to scoop out Nutella to spread it on bread. The idea of using a bread knife is to heat it as if it’s a metal rod. To do so, you’ll need to pour the knife in hot liquid.

Make sure the water boils moderately. Once it starts boiling, line your knife into the saucepan in a manner that the tip dips carefully into the water. Depending on the material, the handle might get hot in an instant too. With that said, ready your potholder or any piece of thick cloth for protection.

  • Step 2: Try alternatives

Water is the most ideal since it boils very fast. Moreover, you won’t get a different taste in flavor because it’s neutral. However, if you fancy other tastes with your Nutella, then by all means try. Some of the liquids that you can use are coffee, hot chocolate, and even tea. Personally, I tried using hot cacao which makes it super yummy!

Once the knife is piping hot, just simply stick it in the jar of Nutella and stir it a bit. Once you see the Nutella melting, it’s time to scoop it out.

Method 3: Cooking Nutella

  • Step 1: Make caramel

If you’re planning to melt Nutella to use it as a dipping sauce for ice cream or dessert in general, you might want to try enhancing it. By doing so, you’ll hit two birds with one stone. You’ll not only melt it, but you’ll also add a delicious dimension.

To do this, add two cups of white sugar in a saucepan. Pour warm water until it covers the sugar completely. Bring it to a simmer and never whisk it. Just leave the pan alone until it develops a honey brown color.

  • Step 2: Add cream and stir

Next, add cream and wait for it to develop a chemical reaction. You’ll instantly see the cream steam and mix in with the hot caramel. Once it settles down, whisk it with a spatula until thoroughly combined.

Make sure that the cream you use is smooth in consistency, similar to that of milk. Hardened cream will curdle the mixture. Thus, creating unwanted lumps.

  • Step 3: Combine it with the Nutella

At this stage, the cream and caramel must be combined thoroughly. You should get that caramel brown color. Once that happens, turn off the gas and add in the Nutella. It will get a little harsh first considering the Nutella is hard, but the heat will eventually melt it.

Use a large whisk when doing this, you can whisk it in the saucepan or transfer it to a bowl and mix it there instead. The result is a delicious Nutella sauce that’s enriched with cream and sugar. Add it on a scoop of vanilla ice cream, red velvet cake, or cream cheese. It’s a perfect way to level up your dessert!

In a Nute(shell)a…

Nutella is one of the best spreads out there. However, it can get a little frustrating since it can harden quickly. But, all things have solutions and melting Nutella is as simple as chucking it in a microwave.

The main takeaway here is to use the methods to what fits the situation. Wanting a different and tastier version? Cook it with caramel. Maybe you’re just hungry and want it, right off the jar? The breadknife version is a better alternative. There’s a lot of great ways to keep our bellies happy with oozing Nutella!

If you liked our methods, comment below and let us know. Feel free to share it with your buddies because a scoop of Nutella a day keeps the bad vibes away!


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