How To Reheat Tamales And Everything You Need To Know

how to reheat tamales

Personally, I have always believed that Mexican food is some “hidden treasure.” It has found its way to the tummies of people all over the world. Tamale is a Mexican delicacy that is precious to me. I think it is the kind of food that should be made known to everyone.

The problem with it, though, is that some chains sell it in huge servings. So now we are to find out how we can save it for when you go craving for it again. This article will teach you how to reheat tamales.


how to reheat tamales

The Need For Tamales

how to reheat tamales

Why are we even talking about this question? Well, there are a good number of restaurants and food chains that sell tamales. But there are still tons of people who have yet to try it because it spoils or gets thrown out.

It may be just one of those foods that you start craving but are not able to finish. But, it is something you do not want to put to waste. It is one full meal that can help you get through your day.

If you are reading this, I’m pretty sure tamales has already punctured a hole in your heart as well. So if you feel the need to learn how to preserve it, let us “combine forces” and study these steps.

What You Will Need

#1: A Steamer

This is the appliance you may want to use if you want to keep the freshness of your tamales. Remember that it is a dish that is made out of dough. So if you do not want it toasted too much or risk burning, steam it.

Another good thing about using a steamer is that you can put in either a frozen tamales or a plain refrigerated one. It does not damage the consistency or texture.

#2: A Stove

This may sound like having to exert more effort because you have to cook it. 

However, The stove may be the best way for you to keep the flavor of your tamales. It is, after all, a savory dish.

A simple pan will do the job. You can just use cooking oil or olive oil so that it doesn’t stick. Reheating tamales this way will only take a few flips and turnovers every 2 minutes.

how to reheat tamales

#3: An Oven

This one is a little more convenient and easier. You only have to put in the tamales and turn the knob. You can just let it sit there for as long as you want it to, depending on how much toasted you want it.

Another plus factor for using ovens is that you no longer need to monitor it while it sits there. You can leave it and go back when you hear the “Ding!” Using an oven will save you time if you are in a hurry.

#4: A Microwave

Among all of these choices, the microwave will be the easiest and most convenient to use. You are only a few buttons away from heating your tamales for sure. And you can do anything while you wait for it to ring the alarm.

However, one of the drawbacks may be that your tamales will not come out crispy. Reheating it in the microwave will only keep the same consistency—only the temperature changes.

How To Reheat Tamales

how to reheat tamales

There are four different ways you can use to reheat your tamales depending on what tools you have. You have all the freedom to pick the one that you think will serve you best.

Some people try boiling it in water too. However, too much heat can burn the water or the husk/leaf covering of the tamales. It could also take up a lot of time. Si, I checked out what has to say.

With that and’s help, let me enumerate the instructions for when you use a stove. After all, it requires the most work among the four.


Prepare Your Pan

As mentioned, you may use either an ordinary pan or a non-stick pan for this procedure. If you are using a regular pan, there are non-stick sprays you could utilize.

Just put the pan on the stove and turn on the heat to medium fire. We need it to be in medium heat only. Setting it too low will take you too long. Meanwhile, setting it too high might burn the oil and the bottom of the pan.


Put In Your Preferred Oil

Or to add a little bit of flavor, add a few drops of oil. Any oil will do. If you are a bit meticulous on the cholesterol or fat content, you may opt to use olive oil.

Vegetable oil will also do. Palm oil and coconut oil can also give some additional flavor too. One teaspoon or a few drops will do the job. Just as long as the tamales will not stick, that is good to go.


Remove The Covering Of The Tamales

This is an important step in this list that you cannot miss. Remember that tamales are usually covered in coconut husks or banana leaves. This is because the contents of tamales would crumble if not wrapped together.

You need to remove this covering as it can quickly burn from the stove heat. It will only cause the entire thing to stick on the pan. You might have a hard time flipping the tamales.


Flip The Tamales

You need to do this to distribute the heat on both sides evenly. This step will also help you get the golden brown color on both sides. To achieve the right amount of heat, do this for around 2-3 minutes per side.

You have to be a little careful in flipping because as mentioned, the contents could crumble. It is only that dough that holds them up in place. Do not over-do the flipping.


Check If The Heat Is Right For You

Lastly, check whether it has heated up to your preference. If the color still seems pale to you, continue flipping. Likewise, if you want it toasted, do not turn off the heat yet.

If you want, you can also cut it in the middle to check whether the insides are hot enough. Sometimes the dough gets hot, but the contents are still refrigerator-cold.

You can touch the dough part real quick to check if it is hot enough. You can also give it a slight pinch to see if the dough is already crispy.


how to reheat tamales

So there you have it—a list of easy steps to reheat your tamales. Like I said, there are three more options you could resort to. Just do whatever works for you. The appliance or the tools you will use do not make a huge difference in the taste. You are only after eating it hot anyway.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write them down below. If you have tried any other method for reheating tamales, don't hesitate to share too. We could discuss these things and help those kitchen and household “newbies” together. Happy reheating and eating!


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