What Does Sushi Taste Like? Here’s What You Need To Know

What does sushi taste like

Taste is subjective. Delicious is relative. We cannot exactly define the taste of any kind of food. Sometimes, adjectives are not even enough to describe what some food feel like in the tongue.

And this is especially true for raw food like sushi. Have you ever tried sushi? Apparently, a lot of people nowadays have found it to be a comfort food. If this is your first time hearing about it, you might find it a little odd. Eating uncooked food and actually craving for it does not exactly sound sensible.

What does sushi taste like

So, what does sushi taste like? And why are a lot of people falling in line to get a hold of them? Let us count and find out some of the most common reasons.


All About Sushi And Its Taste

What does sushi taste like

There are a number of factors to be considered when evaluating the taste of sushi. Aside from the disparity in taste buds and preferences, there is the method of preparation.

The recipe is a no-brainer. Sushi is basically just some raw fish. Usually, the base is either of tuna or salmon. There are different kinds, though, in terms of assembly or preparation. Chewtheworld.com names some of the kinds of sushi as the following: Oshi, Maki, Nigiri, and Nare.

Nigiri is prepared with sushi rice, rice vinegar, salt and tuna or salmon. In Food Network’s recipe, the sugar and salt are dissolved in vinegar and poured over the rice as it cooks. You get a good portion of the rice (bite-size). And then you put the raw fish on top.

That is essentially how you prepare all kinds of sushi—putting the “parts” on top of each other. For first timers, this could come off as a ridiculous idea. That is because we are used to putting fish on fire before eating it.

Freshness Of The Fish

The thing is we need to make sure that the fish we are going to use is fresh. That is supposed to be the challenge. You have to find the best local market that sells good ones that are not going to harm your tummy with bad bacteria.

So now that we know how sushi is prepared, how do we evaluate their taste? Based on the ingredients mentioned above, you already have an idea what you’ll be into. The raw fish and rice are logically bland, so the salt, vinegar and sugar do the trick.

The sweet and sour taste combination gives the tuna or the salmon a kick. The main key is actually the vinegar. Vinegar is a chemical that has “natural cooking attributes” that work even without fire.

It does not only provide a sour flavor but it manipulates the rawness of fish, so that it becomes edible. These seasoning ingredients also create the tangy feel that most people look forward to.

Using Salt And Lime For Flavor

What does sushi taste like

Another technique used to make sushi more manageable in the mouth is putting salt and lemon or lime. You put some on the fish before assembling it with rice. It removes that fresh-from-the-water taste, which is the taste that other people hate.

Aside from the common flavor, another one of the most interesting qualities of the sushi is its versatility. It can be paired with some basic soy sauce recipe. And most importantly, it can be paired with wasabi for that added spice.

So in a nutshell, you can actually control the flavors of your basic sushi with the right amount of seasoning. If you are going to grab some from a restaurant, you can ask if they have specialty sauces that you could try.

Texture and consistency are another story. Again, if you are a first timer, the texture might get to you and overwhelm you. Your mind knows and dictates that fish are slimy and you fear that it might only slide all over your mouth.

That is why you do not eat it alone. Aside from the rice, they can also be prepared and rolled in seaweed sheets. Have you ever heard about or seen that? That makes the other kinds of sushi, such as Maki.

Maki basically means “rolled sushi.” You can find the seaweed inside, outside, on the sides, depending on the technique. Cooknovel.com shares a few of these techniques.


What does sushi taste like

One important thing about sushi and tasting it is your willingness to at least try. It is not really as disgusting as it sounds when people describe it.

More and more people are learning to accept that raw food, and raw fish specifically, are now a thing. Try it once just to find out why other people love it. If you do not like it, you can just toss the fish up in a saucepan. If you like it, then welcome to the sushi lovers club!

Do you have any comments, suggestions or questions? Feel free to comment them down below. I hope this helped!


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