What Is Calphalon Made Of And What Are Its Benefits?


Calphalon has been around since 1963. It started off as “Commercial aluminum Cookware Company” after Calphalon founder Ronald Kasperzak bought it in Perrysburg, Ohio. By 1997, the company name became “The Calphalon Corporation.”

Over the years, the company has innovated its products by incorporating aerospace technology. It was the first cookware company to utilize the said technology.

what is calphalon made of

Thus, you might want to consider knowing what is calphalon made of. In addition, there are many benefits that calphalon provides in your everyday cooking.


How Is Calphalon Made?

The “Commercial Aluminum Cookware Company” was the first company to bring aerospace technology to our kitchenware.

Using the electrochemical process called “hard anodizing,” they created Calphalon as a new professional line of cookware. Furthermore, it undergoes a treatment of aluminum to meet professional cooking standards.

what is calphalon made of

As a result from the hard-anodized aluminum, Calphalon has achieved long-term durability. Furthermore, it also increases the heating efficiency that it retained from the aluminum.

For a more detailed review on the production and innovation timeline of Calphalon, kindly refer to this link.

Behind The Process Of Hard Anodizing Aluminum

The hard anodizing of aluminum starts off with a coating made of aluminum oxide. This substance is a product of electrochemical reactions between oxygen and aluminum. The aluminum serves as the anode. Furthermore, the aluminum reacts with the sulphuric acid solution.

The process requires pumping air bubbles into the solution which causes the sulphuric acid to circulate. This gives it an extra coating that greatly enhances the strength of the aluminum.

It is important to note that the extra coating comes from the oxygen mixing with the aluminum. This coating forms into two uniform layers. The first layer grows on top of the material while the other grows from below the surface.

what is calphalon made of

For a more comprehensive explanation of the science behind hard anodizing aluminum, kindly refer to this video.

What Is Calphalon Made Of And What Are The Benefits?

Thanks to the anodizing of aluminum, Calphalon has expanded its innovation in different ways. Due to this, it inspired the creation of new products and materials. It is important for us to note, however, that all Calphalon kitchenware has undergone the principles of hard anodizing aluminum.

Calphalon’s features enhance your cookware’s abrasive and corrosive resistance when cooking. Here are some examples of Calphalon’s technology together with its benefits.

  • New Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware

These products have three layers that enhance strength and resistance. Moreover, these layers deliver even and consistent heating. These items boast of a combination of aluminum and stainless steel.

Because of this, the result was a significant improvement cooking performance and overall aesthetics.

  • Classic Non-Stick Bakeware
what is calphalon made of

Boasts a heavy-gauge steel core and comes with interlocking nonstick layers. These provide your bakeware even heating and boost overall performance. These non-stick items also introduce soft-touch control zone handles for a better experience in your cooking.

  • Katana Series Cutlery

This product is one of the expansions of Calphalon that extends to our everyday cutlery. These utensils take inspiration from the sharpness of traditional Japanese swords.

The Katana Series Cutlery has a knife construction made from VG-1 Japanese Steel which makes it lighter and sharper. Due to this, it is outstanding for precision cutting your poultry, fish, and vegetables.

what is calphalon made of

The blade features an exceptional sharpness and edge retention. Furthermore, over 30 stainless steel layers comprise its structure. As a result, this enhances your knife’s rigidity and precision.

The bolster and handles of these knives also have an integrated design for comfortable use and better control.

Furthermore, an ergonomic polyresin supplements the blade which helps improve your balance while reducing your stress levels.

  • Calphalon Unison Nonstick

As a combination of two technologies, this innovation features two surfaces with different purposes. The design provides better cooking results for various cooking methods.

The first one is the Slide Nonstick surface. This ultra-smooth surface releases your food effortlessly from the pan.

Also, it has a Sear Nonstick surface which improves the sealing mechanism of the pan. Thus, it locks in all the flavor of your dish for enhanced searing and frying.

  • Calphalon Enamel Cast Iron

These cast iron pans are ideal for your slow-cooked meals. The primary material is heavy-duty, enamel-coated cast irons which distribute heat at a consistent rate. The enamel-coated interior compliments the stick-resistant features resulting in easier cleaning after a long process of cooking.

what is calphalon made of

Most noteworthy, Calphalon features a broad range of products. Calphalon produces a variety of other cookware that you should further check. For more Calphalon products you may check this site here.

Calphalon’s Long-term Potential

Calphalon became the first ever company to use hard anodizing on aluminum cookware. As a result, the Calphalon Corporation has become one of the leaders in standard cookware for better performance and durability in our kitchens.

Calphalon has also incorporated other features to meet our needs. Especially relevant, new Calphalon products meet the needs for convenience and support a broader range of cooking methods.

The long-term durability, even heating performance, and nonstick convenience makes Calphalon a worthy choice of cookware. It is one that you must consider on your list.

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